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How to Hygge in the Garden 

October 02, 2018
How to Hygge in the Garden

Have you heard of Hygge? If you follow our blog, it's likely that by now you are an expert on the subject. However, did you know that practicing the art of Hygge isn't just limited to spending time indoors? It's also about connecting with nature.

To fully embrace the Danish Hygge lifestyle, one must also venture outdoors. What better place to start than in the garden?

In fact why not start with a little garden soiree? Whether it be during winter, spring, summer or autumn, Hygge can be applied to all the seasons by finding a way to really enjoy and make the most of your free time. The garden is a perfect place to surround yourself with things you love and people you care about most.

It’s so important in this day and age to take time out, to slow down, to relax, and to spend time among nature. Whether it be through organising a get together with family and friends, or even just spending time alone enjoying the sunshine with a good book and cuppa to relax and reflect. This a way of life that has become an inherent part of the Danish culture and is an important element of Hygge.

Origins of Hygge

Originating from Denmark, many other European countries have adopted this concept and have made it their own, and now it's has come to Australia. Pronounced Hue-gah, Hygge is a beautiful way to approach life by focusing on what makes you happy and content. Hygge celebrates simplicity and appreciation the small but truly important things.

This article will guide you through 4 simple ways to make the most of your outdoor area and how to create a warm, cosy and welcoming space that reflects the essence of Hygge.


Bring the Inside Out

While Hygge-ing the garden is about experiencing the sight and sounds of nature, it’s also about getting cosy. The most sure fire way to make your garden feel more Hygge is to bring some of the inside out.

Create an Outdoor Living Area

It all starts with a comfy outdoor lounge setting. Layer it up with cosy blankets and cushions. Make sure you have a place for a drink and a good book with either a side table or coffee table. Anchor these elements with a lovely outdoor rug, and don’t forget to bring out the hot water bottles.

Create an Outdoor Dining Area

If sharing meals is more your priority, then an outdoor dining setting is a must. When hosting a meal, drape a warm blanket over each dining chair and make sure you have an outdoor heater to keep everyone warm. Dress the table with natural looking linen and dot a few little vases of wildflowers. This will keep it looking simple but sweet.


Embrace Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Cinema

Hygge is all about raising the spirits and what better way to do so than organising some fun activities outside. Hosting an outdoor movie night is such a fun way to have a get together. All you need is a projector (which can be rented), a big [white sheet], picnic rugs, bean bags, cushions, blankets and big bowls of popped corn and steaming mugs of hot chocolate for some good clean fun!

Star or Sun Gazing

Get romantic by snuggling up under a big blanket (with a hot water bottle or wheat sack) and gazing up at the stars with a glass of red. Or how about rising early to catch the best part of the day and watch the sunrise will a well-deserved cup of coffee.

Wine & Pizza Night

Nothing beats the glorious smells and wonderful flavours created from baking a wood fired pizza, although it can be even more perfect when paired with a good red. There are so many scrumptious recipes out there including dessert pizzas and the best thing is they are so simple to make. Wood fired pizza may not be Danish but it’s certainly a great reason to spend time outside.


Get Cosy Around a Fireplace

Firepits are one the easiest and nicest ways to warm up your outdoor area or patio. Nothing beats gathering around a fireplace to sit and chat, roast a few marshmallows or chestnuts and toast to life’s little pleasures.


Decorate Your Garden

Candle Light

In order to Hygge well one must have candles and oodles of them. Candles contained within hurricane lanterns are your safest bet, although a few tea lights dotted about shouldn’t pose too much of a safety risk. Adorning your outdoor space with flickering flames is the first step to creating the right Hygge atmosphere.

Fairy Lights

Mood lighting is an essential element of Hygge as it creates a beautiful, warm and inviting ambience. Fairy lights really help to create a sense of magic and are easy to hang overhead to create a twinkling starlight effect. Battery powered twinkle light is clear glass jars or vases are also a great way to create a feeling of warmth.

Pretty Pot Plants

It goes without saying that every garden should have plants but it’s always nice add a little extra to create a little botanical oasis. There are so many cool plants and funky plant pots out there and pot plants are a great way to spruce up the garden and bring a sense of fun to the back yard.

Below is a snap shot on how to enjoy Hygge outdoors - all year round.



We hope this article will help you to create the perfect outdoor Hygge moment and enjoy life’s everyday pleasures. If you could like to find out more about the Danish concept of Hygge visit our article Learn more about Hygge.

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This article was originally written in 2017, and updated last in October 2018.

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