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How To Decorate With Florals

January 30, 2014
How To Decorate With Florals

The floral theme is one of the most prominent design themes that has stood the test of time. Florals are a versatile motif which can be suited to almost any style of interior – an edgy interior may have bold and vivid floral paintings in unexpected colours while a retro interior could use rounded floral prints in a repetitive sequence. The exciting thing about decorating with florals is the chance to really explore colour and scale. Large floral motif wallpaper in a bold tone will make a dynamic impact while small dainty florals are more likely to be more feminine and subdue. Just like the vast variety in flowers, floral prints come in a range of home décor. Soft furnishings (curtains, blinds, cushions, rugs, bedding), ceramics, wallpaper, painted furniture and even lighting can be found in floral shapes and prints.

Floral Protocol

It can be surprisingly easy to go overboard with florals and end up with a chaotic garden of an interior. Remember that if you have a lot of different floral patterns you want to use, try to keep the palette simple. If they’re all in the same colour tone, or at least a similar colour way, then they’re more likely to work together to tell a cohesive story. Walk into the garden or go down to the local park and see what flower shapes you respond to the most. Certain flowers may ignite memories that you’d forgotten or have a significant meaning to you. This will help you decided what flower prints you want in your home. Peonies may remind you of your grandmothers garden while roses could bring back the bad taste of an ex!

Penny Pinching Peonies

If you’re looking for a flower hit but don’t have a big budget to work with, you can easily introduce lots of floral elements into your home that won’t break the bank.

  • Introduce some floral throw cushions. Cushions are an inexpensive way to update your décor, you may find 2 in a bold floral print and another 3 in a more subtle bloom to compliment. Accessories like lamp shades and door handles can be re-done in flower prints. Flower shaped door handles will add a feminine touch to and chest of drawers while a floral lamp shade can brighten up any room.
  • Reupholster your favourite chair in a funky bloom to give it a contemporary twist. If you budget can’t allow for a full re-do, you can even just reupholster the seat cushion in a floral print that compliments the existing chairs fabric.

Re-upholster your favourite chair (or chairs!) in a fun bloom that can then be complimented with a rug in the same tone

  • Paint your own floral artwork! Flowers are one of the easier forms to paint or you can even create a stencil to help you get a professional look.
  • Hang a shower curtain with a flower print. This will double as artwork for the bathroom!
  • Floral manchester is a great way to freshen up the bedroom for summer. You can go vintage with dainty quilts or more contemporary with a graphic floral printed bedspread.

This bedroom is subtle, feminine and fresh

Daisy rug

Love the floral bedroom above? Lilly and Lolly sell the daisy rug! A cute way to introduce flower motifs

Big Budget Blooms

If you’ve got a bigger budget then you can really go wild with your floral renovations and create a truly inspiring gardenesque haven

  • Wallpaper is a fantastic tool for bringing in a fun floral print! You can experiment using sample sheets and hang a few around your house to see where they work best. Try a bold out there print in the kitchen where you’re often on your feet and moving about while a more subtle soothing floral print may work better in the bedroom.

A bold and contemporary floral wallpaper is accented with this fun chair, ottoman and side table which reflect the colours of the wallpaper.

  • Lots of companies are designing innovative splash back designs that incase a large scale picture behind a splashback. Find one in a graphic floral print that you can then compliment with matching fresh flowers on the kitchen bench.
  • To make your bathroom bloom, get creative with your tile design! If you have the wall space, an experienced tiler will be able to create a large floral motif using various tile colours. Combine black, white and a splash of colour like red or gold to really make a statement.

Rose tile design, feminine and breathtaking

  • Get an upholsterer to custom make you a fully upholstered fabric bed head in a beautiful floral fabric. If you’re handy with a few power tools, have a go at making one yourself!
  • Hang some fabulous flower curtains to freshen up any room. Hopefully when you open them you’ll be able to see some flowers outside too!