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How to Decorate with Australian Wildflowers 

November 13, 2017
How to Decorate with Australian Wildflowers

Australian Native Wildflowers are incredibly beautiful. They not only bring a vibrancy of colour and texture, but also a fresh, rich and fragrant scent to our homes.

In Australia, we are so fortunate to have access to an abundance of gorgeous native foliage and flowers. There are literally thousands of different varieties to choose from - it's no wonder they have become the celebrated bloom of choice for Spring and Summer.

Wildflowers have becoming increasingly popular with the rise of the Boho and trend and are now popping up not just in floral arrangements but also a home decor accents such as artworks, textile design and more. We just can't seem to get enough of them.

Another great advantage of wildflowers is that they don't cost the earth. Buying them not only helps to support our local growers, it's also a much better choice for the environment as they produce less carbon emissions than imported flowers.

At House of Home, we adore our Aussie natives and wanted to learn more about the most popular species and how to best style them. We reached out to our friends at Daily Blooms to seek the expert advice of owner and florist Courtney Ray. Courtney has shared with us some invaluable tips and tricks below.

Step by Step Guide to Making a Wildflower Bouquet

You will need: A vase or vessel, Waratahs, Billy Buttons, Paper Daisies, Gum, Eucalyptus, Boronia, Wax Flowers, a Banksia and Woolly Bush. See our helpful visual guide below.


Step 1: Start with selecting a beautiful pot, vase, jar, or vessel that you love

Step 2: Add Gum

Step 3: Add Wooly Bush

Step 4: Add Boronia

Step 5: Add Paper Daisy

Step 6: Add Waratah

Step 7: Add Banksia

Step 8: Add Billy Buttons

Step 9: Place in your favourite spot to admire. Somewhere with filtered light is ideal.

Step 10: Be sure to replace with fresh water every day


Click on the video to see this bouquet come to life!


What are the most popular or common types of Australian native flowers & foliage?

Oh wow – this is a big question. People are absolutely loving natives at the moment, especially Eucalyptus, Waratahs, Billy Buttons, Wattle, Banksia and Wax Flower.

What are some other nice seasonal varieties that may not be as well known?

There are loads of gorgeous lesser known natives such as Boronia, Flannel Flower and Hakea.

Which native flower varieties work best with each other?

In my opinion Eucalyptus works with anything. But I love mixing gum foliage with small delicate blooms like wax flower and then larger focal flowers such as Waratahs or Banksias to create an interesting contrast in shape and form.

What are the various price points for these?

Gum Foliage and Wax Flower are fairly inexpensive and look fabulous en masse. Waratahs on the other hand have a relatively short season and can be quite expensive on a per stem basis. With that said, they have a long vase life so well worth the investment.

What is a nice combination for those wanting to splash out and for those who are on a budget?

If you feel like splashing out it is great to use a mix of really interesting and uncommon foliage and blooms such as Macrocarpa Eucalyptus with Billy Buttons, Flannel Flower and Banksia victoriae to make a big impactful arrangement.

If you have a more modest budget you can get a great affect using Blue Gum with Wax Flower or Thryptomene.

For something in between, the arrangement is below is a great mid-point price option.



What tips can you share for creating floral arrangements with natives?

The more wild, the better. It is so easy to create great impact with a tall vase overflowing with branches of eucalyptus and some big architectural blooms like Banksias. Eucalypts have such a fabulous scent and create a beautiful vibe for any home.

What are the different types of arrangements that can be created?

Natives can be used for any type of arrangement from bridal bouquets to small bedside table vase arrangements and even big installations for events.

My favourite is to use a big vase of natives on a mantlepiece to create a dramatic focal point for the room.

What’s your favourite combination?

I absolutely adore the vibrancy of wattle and I enjoy using it with muted tones and interesting forms such as spinning gum and the beige palette of Banksia victoriae.

How would you recommend using native flowers to decorate a home?

The great thing about natives is that they require very little styling to make a great impact. Placing a bunch of mixed natives in any vase on a kitchen bench will look and smell wonderful.

What's a nice mix of wildflowers for the Xmas season?

Last year, we made some beautiful Christmas Wreaths with Everlasting Daisy (Strawflower), Tetragona Nuts and Billy Buttons. It felt like such an Australian Christmas celebration.

At Christmas time I think it is important to use blooms that reflect our climate and relaxed lifestyle.

What other tips and tricks can you share with us?

Natives are very thirsty and require lots of water so be sure to check on them every day. Natives typically have a very long vase life and they look beautiful as dried flowers.

If you want your floral arrangement to look professional and held in place, using a floral foam such as Oasis will help to keep them supported and well hydrated for around 7 days.

A huge thank you to Courtney of Daily Blooms for taking the time to share her awesome wildflower floral knowledge with us.

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