Tips for Creating a Clutter-Free Bedroom

April 29, 2016
Tips for Creating a Clutter-Free Bedroom

Clearing away clutter and keeping things tidy within the bedroom is essential to creating a sense of well-being and achieving bedroom bliss.

The bedroom should be a place to renew and re-energize, however, inevitability during the course of a busy week things can get a little bit out of control. Newspapers, books and magazines can start to pile up.

Keys, mobile phones, wallets creep onto bedside tables. That striking occasional chair has somehow become a dumping ground for clothes and shoes seems to be scattered around the room as if they had ended up their by their own free will.

Introducing clever storage solutions and having a home for all of these elements is the key to combating clutter!

Essential Storage Solutions:

Tall Boy Storage

Beds with Storage

Bedside Tables

Blanket Boxes

Coat Racks & Wall Hooks

  • Incorporate shoe racks / tie racks / scarf and belt hooks to maximize the usage of space. Coat racks and ladders are great for placing clothes on or items that you need to access quickly.

Tips for Organising the Bedroom

Display Decorative Items in Groups

  • Don't allow the tops of dressers or drawers to become cluttered. Select a few decorative items in contrasting sizes and shapes to create a stylish vignette. Objects look best when displayed in mini collections or groupings of three. These decorative items could consist of books, photo frames, vases, ornaments, jewellery boxes or dishes and candles.

Trinket Boxes & Bowls

Display Books

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