Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gas Fireplace

March 23, 2016
Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gas Fireplace

Your Guide to Gas Fireplaces

A gas log fireplace creates a ‘mess free’ centrepiece for your home while still providing a good level of heat and the visual ambience of a wood burning fire.

There has been a strong trend toward gas fireplaces because they are much more affordable to build than wood-burning fireplaces which require a chimney built of masonry. There’s also huge range of sizes and styles on the market, from traditional to sleek modern or contemporary designs that can be incorporated into a multitude of interior spaces.

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The advantages of a gas fireplace:

• Convenience - entertaining is easy because your fireplace will work when you want it to, without having to store, stack or chop wood.

• Functionality – provides instant heat. With the ease of pressing a button or turning a knob, you have a flame.

• Range – choose for a smorgasbord of design options and styles.

• Design Flexibility - most units have a ‘zero clearance’ around them so you have more options for surrounding wall finishes including tiles, stone, paint or wallpaper.

• Reliability – ability to function in the event of a power cut.

• Thermostatically controlled heat from a reliable source. Be it 6am or 10pm, you can just flick it on and get results.

• Readily available - if you are already hooked up to main gas.

• Natural gas is a good option if directly available to the home.

• Gas heaters produce approximately one third of greenhouse gas emissions of standard electric heaters.

• A gas log fire has the look of a wood fire without the disadvantages.

• They come with energy labels to help you choose the most efficient models.

• Cleaner than wood or coal.

• Gas heaters do not require a chimney.

Gas Fireplace Heating

Gas Fireplace

Things to consider when selecting a gas fireplace:

• Gas fires should be used as a secondary form of heating to heat individual rooms.

• The amount of area gas log heaters can heat depends on the size of the unit – they can heat anywhere from 20-120sqm.

• Not all gas heaters are star rated but by knowing the megajoule (MJ) output you can calculate the average cost per hour to run.

• Possibility of leaks - Maintenance is important in making sure the heater runs efficiently and that there are no carbon monoxide leaks.

• Malfunctioning units can possibly emit carbon monoxide.

• They will require some cleaning as dirt and dust can clog them.

• Gaskets need to be checked regularly.

• Vented fireplaces also need regular checks for debris.

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