How to buy an Entertainment Unit

January 30, 2014
How to buy an Entertainment Unit

The Entertainment Unit is a mainstay of the lounge or TV room. It’s something that will be constantly looked at - so here are some tips to help a good choice when you buy one.

When you’re looking at an Entertainment Unit, first, figure out what you’ll be using it for. What will it house? It might need to have room for your television, DVD player, PVR recorder or set top box, speakers, an amplifier, DVDs or Blu-Rays, a games console, and all the associated power boards and cables. The perfect Entertainment Unit cabinet will take all of this equipment and hide away the bits, giving a clean and streamlined appearance.

Tips for Buying an Entertainment Unit

The size of your television screen will tend to dictate how large your Entertainment Unit needs to be. If you’re planning an upgrade make sure that you factor a bigger screen into your measurements. Since Entertainment Units tend to be very prominently positioned in the rooms they’re in, you’ll be looking for a unit of style as well as substance. You’ll also need power points close to the unit, so factor this when you’re measuring the room and deciding where to place it.

Your entertainment unit might be made out of wood, a veneer or a composite material. If the entertainment unit is made of a lighter material you may wish to consider fastening it against the wall with a bracket, for safety. Make sure that any internal shelves are properly bracketed and supported before placing any heavy screens or other onto them.

If you have young children an Entertainment Unit can be an excellent way to keep little fingers away from screens and all of the buttons on your various devices. In this situation, look for a cabinet with front doors that can be locked or fastened and will safely hide anything with buttons away. Positioning the entertainment unit snug against the wall with the power boards inside will also limit access to tempting wall-sockets and plugs.

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