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How to buy a Dining or Kitchen Table

January 30, 2014
How to  buy a Dining or Kitchen Table

Dining tables make every meal special and can form the cornerstone of the family routine. But when you go to buy a dining table, how do you find the right one?

Think about your mealtimes. How many people will you bring together at your table? Do you sit down for a loud family dinner? Or is dining a more formal affair? If your table tends to attract toys, homework and projects, look for something durable that will withstand family requirements! If you know you like to entertain, look for a table that will accommodate groups.

You might think about having both a dining table and a kitchen table. If you choose to buy two tables, experiment with a different style for each- you may look at a rustic, light wood, kitchen table and a more formal dark wood dining table. Alternatively, look for a table that can extend to accommodate bigger groups or shrink back down when the extra space is required. When you’re looking at these tables, make sure you operate the extension mechanism before you get it home!

As with all furniture, materials used in tables vary wildly and will have a big effect on cost but also on how long your table will last. A wood veneer table top, for example, will be a lot cheaper than a solid wood table but you won’t get the same wear out of it. If you’re in a rental, you might be keen on a lighter table that’s not so difficult to move when required.

Think too about the care and upkeep the table will require. Are you prepared to spend the time to polish a wooden table? A glass top will require polishing and may not be the best choice for a table that’s going to see some wear and tear, whereas with a wooden top you always have the option to have the table re-finished.

Taking the time and making the right choice with your dining table should leave you with a furniture investment piece that will last you for years and one that you will enjoy every day.

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