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How to buy a Bed

December 02, 2014
How to buy a Bed

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture you will buy. Since you spend around a third of your life in bed, this is a significant purchase and one that it’s important to get right.

Your bed is the made up of both the base and the mattress, and it’s important that they complement each other. You can buy these bed components separately but do take the time to make sure they will work together. Your bed salesperson should be able to give you guidance here.

There are a very wide variety of mattress options available - each differ in firmness and materials. Your mattress is a personal choice and one to take your time with. Don’t cut corners, comfort is the main consideration here, remember you’re the only one who’ll be seeing the bare mattress!

There are as many options, and styles, available for the bed base. When you’re considering the bed size, give yourself as much room as possible, which for most people means choosing the king size bed or queen size bed option. Buying the biggest bed you can fit into the room might seem lavish but is well worth it!

If you choose a very distinctive bed frame, you may wish to look at matching bedroom furniture. If you haven’t chosen such a strong look with the bed frame, feel free to mix and match with your bedside tables and drawers. Some bed frames have storage units built into them, with shelves and side tables, which can be a great option for apartments.

For a child’s room, a single bed is a great space-saving option. Or, consider bunks. Children love them and if the both bunks aren’t occupied, the bottom bed can also be used for soft-toy storage.

If you’re purchasing products for a spare bedroom, a sofa bed or pull out couch works wonderfully. If you don’t have room in the spare bedroom for a full pull out couch, a daybed or divan is another option. Covered with cushions, it makes a great sofa, but covered with blankets makes a perfect guest bed. Look for a bed base with a storage option here, and hide away spare bedding and pillows.

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