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How Sailing Makes The Most Of Space 

November 10, 2014
How Sailing Makes The Most Of Space

The majority of us probably think we could do with extra space in the home.

When it comes to making the most of small surrounds few do it more effectively, and with more panache, than a cleverly designed yacht.

So with summer on the way we thought it only fair to pop some bubbles, step aboard and find out what tips we can take from the masters.

Sunsail Yacht Charter and Flotilla Sailing Holidays are the proud owners of the latest Sunsail 444 – a 4 cabin Catamaran yacht currently gracing the waters along the Australian Whitsundays. Sigh.

The major new feature to the Sunsail 444 is the open forward cockpit, which gives direct access from the salon.

Sunsail Boats

This is a clever design as it not only provides more visibility and ventilation, but it effectively increases the living space and is certainly a master move for those trying to get more from less.

Ventilation is a major consideration for a yacht’s interior, and the 444 has large portlights in the windscreen that allow for air circulation, even in the case of a tropical storm.

Enabling a room to stay fresh and breathe is a great trick for increasing the perceived sense of space.

Sunsail 444  16

The raised helm station delivers comfy seating for two people, but also offers outstanding visibility – again another quality feature to a small home.

If you don’t have the space inside, then do your best to bring the outside in and therefore create the perception of bigger surrounds.

Think large windows that will deliver big views and plenty of natural lighting.

Textures, materials and colour schemes play a subtle but crucial role in minimising the chance of claustrophobia felt in a confined space.

Sunsail 444  21

leopard  44 boat  interiors day 095

Given its role as a charter yacht, the Sunsail 444 marries function with form and has opted for durable materials that have a luxurious feel.

Consider fabrics and palettes that will be subtle on the senses – nothing too brash, bold or tough.

Sunsail 444  17

If ever there were a room invented to get maximum results from minimum space, it’s the galley kitchen.

On the Sunsail 444 this comprises a three-burner stainless steel stove with oven and broiler, double basin sink with mixer tap, generous counter space and straight-forward access to surrounding storage.

The dining table can double as a kitchen workspace before dinner is served (besides, everyone but the chef will probably be out snorkelling before pre-dinner drinks!).

Storage is of course king, particularly in confined spaces.

Consider beds with storage systems underneath, or fill the negative space between cupboards and ceiling/ cupboards and flooring with additional storage units.

Leave no space uncovered!

leopard  44 boat  interiors day 137

And once you’ve finished, all that is left for you to do is hopefully crack a bottle of something special, sit back and lap up the waves of your successful renovation!