How To De-clutter Your Home

January 30, 2014
How To De-clutter Your Home

Declutter your Home Space

De-cluttering your home can be an incredibly liberating experience, not to mention leaving you feeling like a load has been physically lifted as well. But certainly the beginning of that de-cluttering journey can seem a little overwhelming. So we’ve pulled together some ideas to help get things started so that your home is looking de-cluttered and tip-top in no time.

De-Clutter By Selling Online If you have a penchant for collecting furniture and homewares like some people collect clothes, then the best way to de-clutter and create some serious space is to simply sell it online. Hello, House of Home! We make it so easy and fast to sell your furniture, homewares and antiques so you can quickly de-clutter your home, and make some money in the process! Visit House of Home to see just how simple it is to list your furniture, homewares or antiques.

De-Clutter with Storage Solutions Whilst you’re on House of Home you may well come across furniture ideas that will help even further with the de-cluttering process. Multi-purpose furniture is a great space saver, and a terrific way to de-clutter. Consider the lounge room – why have a couch if you can have a sofa bed? This way you have that spare guest bed nicely tucked away, but used as an everyday couch in the meantime. Kids’ rooms can be great spaces for multi-purpose furniture as well – for instance a bunk bed that also serves as a work desk and shelving unit can be an incredibly efficient use of space as well as an easy way to de-clutter.

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Your Date With De-Clutter How many of us procrastinate when something really has to be done? Mark a de-clutter date in your diary and stick to it. Plan in advance how you will go about de-cluttering (the ideas here are designed to help you do just that) and don’t defer – the sooner you de-clutter the sooner you can really enjoy your space!

Helping Others Helps De-Clutter Your Home What are you really using in your home? What do you really need? What is really cluttering your space? Most of us have in our home items that are functional and required for day-to-day living, items that have sentimental value, items that are aesthetically driven and there to bring us pleasure, and then items that just seem to hang around. It’s these last items, which over time become a little like wallpaper, that are essentially low-hanging de-clutter fruit. Robes, drawers etc are an excellent starting point – how many of us throw items in there to avoid outside clutter, but which in fact over time create a clutter-full cupboard? That third drawer down is an excellent example – is it really brimming with essential household items, or has it become a bit of a clutter zone? Take everything out and, if it’s been used in the last six months, put it back again. If it hasn’t, set it aside and give it to charity. Once you’ve done this with every room in the house, you’re likely to be shocked at just how much de-cluttering has occurred and how brimming those charity bags have become. Bag It, Bottle It, Shelve It… De-Clutter It

Sometimes clutter comes in the form of day-to-day items, like kids’ toys, bits of Lego and the like. The last thing you want to do is throw these out, but certainly when they’re strewn from one end of the home to the other, they can occasionally get on the nerves. A nifty and attractive way to deal with this is to simply look at fun storage ideas. For example, a giant nautical jar or bulbous glass vessel can be a very clever storage solution that de-clutters the floor, but keeps everything within easy reach and looking like a colourful feature to the room as well. Another option is to look at clever shelving ideas. Knowing we’ve just suggested you go through all the drawers and wardrobes in your home and de-clutter them, there will of course still be items that simply must remain. Rather than having these strewn around the place and contributing to the general clutter, look at storing them in clever spots such as shelving under the bed, or behind the stairwell. These out-of-sight places provide simple and easy ways to de-clutter instantly.

Take a De-Cluttering Leaf From Oprah’s Book If anyone can turn a home de-cluttering idea into an overnight sensation, it’s Oprah. This idea is all about de-cluttering your wardrobe, and it’s easy as pie. Take all the clothes hangers and turn them the ‘wrong’ way around. As you pull each item out to wear it, return it the right way. Give yourself over six months to complete this task (you’ll need to work through the seasons). When you’ve finished, any clothes hangers remaining in the ‘wrong’ direction are sitting de-clutter targets. Out they go and off to charity! To maintain a clutter-free wardrobe, apply the one-in-one-out rule; with every new purchase you make, send a pre-loved item off to charity.

De-Cluttering Items of Sentimental Value This is a sensitive one – how do you de-clutter your home of sentimental items? Things you cherish – or thought you cherished? The last thing you want to do is sell or throw out items of significant personal value, but sometimes this value can get confused along the way. Pick up the item and ask yourself – why is this important to me? What does it signify? Is it genuinely of emotional value to me? Did it mean something more during another period of my life, but now days no longer has the same value or importance? Answers to this question can help decide whether or not an item is truly of sentimental value and whether or not it is actually just cluttering your home.

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We hope these de-clutter ideas lead you to enjoying your place, and your space, so much more!

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