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Home Study

January 30, 2014
Home Study

When renovating a study or home office, you should consider a design that will make you feel comfortable, productive and hopefully inspired to learn and work.

As such, keeping function and comfort in your mind when planning your study renovation, will go a long way in helping you achieve a terrific study space or work environment.


  • Space - what size space do you have for your study? Is it an entire room, a corner of a room or simply a desk? Once you’ve defined the area you have to work with, think about your requirements to make your space as efficient as possible.

  • Furniture - a desk or form of bench top is a necessity along with a comfortable, and ergonomic, chair. Click here to shop all home office desks.

  • Lighting – think about how you’ll light the work space. Natural light is ideal during the day with some form of task lighting at night e.g. a lovely lamp on the desk/bench or a floor lamp beside the work space. Also consider how many power points you will need for your various technology appliances. Click here to shop all table lamps.

  • Storage – a file cabinet, book shelves and other forms of storage will need to be considered. How much storage you require will depend upon your individual working/study needs. Click here to shop all cabinets and storage.


  • Painting – think about painting your study walls a colour that makes you calm and in turn, productive. Try to avoid colours like red as it’s known to stimulate and, in turn, can distract your attention.

  • Cooling and heating – create a temperature in your study that is conducive to working efficiently. Will you require an air-conditioner or just a ceiling or free standing fan? This will vary depending on the individual so incorporate a heating and cooling options that suits you personally

  • Personalise – incorporate objects in your study that reflect your personality. Perhaps artwork on the wall, a lovely object on your desk or a beautiful brightly coloured rug. Whatever the personal touch, this will help to create an inviting space and in turn encourage you to study/work efficiently.

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