Guide to Home Office Design & Styles

August 12, 2016
Guide to Home Office Design & Styles

Working remotely is set to become the way of the future.

According to many entrepreneurial business sites such as Forbes, Fast Company and Fast Co-Exist it is predicted that 50% of people will work from a home office by 2020. This new way of working is more than just a fleeting trend - it is going to become a way of life for many.

Studies show that working remotely improves productivity, makes people happier and increases levels of creativity. As a result, many companies are now adopting this new practice and encouraging employees to work from home.

The year 2020 may sound like the distant future but it's actually less than four years away. Now is the time to start thinking about your own home office and becoming remote-ready for the big shift in workplace environments.

Stay ahead of the curve and create your own successful home work-place with our guide to home office design below. We take you through seven simple steps to help you optimise your work space and will show you seven of the most popular home office styles guaranteed to motivate and inspire!

Optimise Your Work Space in 7 Simple Steps:

1. Clear Away the Clutter!

A clean desk equals a clear mind. It's impossible to think straight under a mountain of paperwork. Implmenting a paperless office not only improves productivity, it's much better for the environment.

Physical clutter competes for your attention and can result in a decreased level of performance and increases stress. However, if you do a have important documents to refer to, they can be kept tidy by introducing some clever office storgage solutions.

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2. Keep it Clean.

Keep your work space dust and dirt free. Cleaning up your desk each evening upon finishing work will provide you will a clean canvas for you to get stuck into work first thing the next morning. The act of cleaning your desk each evening can also help to subconscioulsy cleanse the mind of any stress that maybe been felt during the day.

3. Stand Tall and Proud.

Work place ergonomics no longer just refer to the correct positioning and height of ones seat, monitor and keyboard. Scientific studies continue to suggest that prolonged sitting significantly increases risk for earlier death and the onset of diseases, such as cancer or cardiovascular disease. As such, height-adjustable standing desks are set to become the norm. Transitioning from seated to standing position is also said to increase productivity.

4. Create a 'Vision Board'.

A vision board displays everything that inspires you, it can include goals for yourself and your business. Pin up anything that motivates you - quotes, images, or type up your goals, hopes and dreams. Display your board somewhere you can see to connect with your images and refer to them everyday.

Guide to Home Office Design and Styles Vision Board 1

5. Introduce Background Music.

Music helps to make repetative tasks more enjoyable. Studies also show that listening to sift background music increases creativity and productivity. When listening to music, the brain triggers the release of the ‘pleasure chemical’ called dopamine that increases happiness.

6. Add Botanicals!

Plants purify the the air and with green being the most restful colour to the human eye, evokes a sense of calm and well being. Plant pots are a great way to bring a pop of colour and vibrancy to your work space.

7. Let the sun shine in!

The health benefits of natural light over artificial are huge. Natural light promotes productivity and increases as sense of well-being and happiness as it is linked to a sense of freedom. Artificial light can cause drowsiness, induce headaches and can actually affect ones sleep in the evening also.

Wherever possible try to locate your desk beside a window, either facing the window or with the window to one side of your desk. Never sit with your back to a window as light will reflect onto your monitor sceen making it difficult to view.

Guide to Home Office Design and Styles Natural Light

So now you are equipped to create the perfect office space, it's time to select a style that resonates with you. Below are seven awesome examples of the different types of home office styles. Which one will you choose?

Scandinavian Home Office Style

Guide to Home Office Design and Styles Scandinavian Style

Industrial Home Office Style

Guide to Home Office Design and Styles Industrial Style

Mid-Century Modern Home Office Style

Guide to Home Office Design and Styles Mid Century Modern

Hamptons Home Office Style

Guide to Home Office Design and Styles Hamptons Style

Tailored Elegance Home Office Style

Guide to Home Office Design and Styles Tailored Elegance Style

Modern Home Office Style

Guide to Home Office Design and Styles Modern

Traditional Home Office Style

Guide to Home Office Design and Styles Traditional Style

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