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The Home Office Must Have

March 23, 2016
The Home Office Must Have

With the New Year well underway and summer holidays just a distant memory, it’s now a good opportunity to re-focus on your career and start work on a positive note by creating a productive space for you to thrive in during the year.

With an increase in Australians now working from home in a full time capacity and running their own small businesses, we thought it was the ideal time to give some consideration to planning and designing your home office.

While selecting the right office furniture to create a professional feel and checking your desk chair is ergonomically fitted are standard considerations for creating a home office, there is also another aspect that is commonly overlooked in the planning phase. This is your wellbeing, in particular your hydration needs.

When you were an employee it’s likely you never gave the consumption of filtered water a second thought as, this was usually provided for by your employer. However, now you are working for yourself its details like these that can be easily forgotten as you are inundated with overseeing all aspects of your business. That’s why we are here to help; we understand that the pressure and demands on you as an individual can sometimes feel overwhelming hence it’s so important to look after your health.

One way you can do this is by ensuring you remember to drink enough water during your work day. You need to stay energized and focused, especially during the warmer months, and if you are working in an air-conditioned environment.

Before you start thinking you can’t afford the cost of a massive filtered water tank, we have already done the homework for you! We’ve sourced the perfect product so there’s no need to go without great tasting filtered water to keep you hydrated in your home office all day long.

The new BRITA Fill&Serve water filter carafe combines both practicality and style. It’s therefore no surprise that it was a Red Dot 2015 winner in the product design category.

The carafe has a built-in activated carbon filter that guarantees fresh water, thanks to the innovative BRITA filter disc technology. This technology minimises chlorine and other substances that impair the taste of tap water.


Benefits of BRITA Fill&Serve in your home office

  • Environmentally Friendly - a sustainable product that is sure to appeal to the ethical consumer. This carafe eliminates the need for bottled water as it can be cleaned in the dishwasher, refilled and used repeatedly.

  • Elegant and Stylish - BRITA has created a modern, high gloss ergonomically shaped carafe that is sleek and pleasing to the eye. You can personalise your carafe by selecting one in your favourite colour. They are currently available in three tones including teal, berry and graphite.

This carafe is not just beautiful it’s also functional and, every detail of the product has been carefully researched to benefit the consumer. For example, we love that this carafe has been especially designed to fit in the fridge door so fresh cold filtered water is always available and easily accessible.

Brita NRH
  • Enhance Your Wellbeing - for optimum health; pure, fresh drinking water is essential. Staying hydrated is so important to help prevent headaches, flush out toxins and boost energy levels to maintain work place productivity.

We all want the best tasting water and that’s exactly what the BRITA Fill&Serve delivers. Once you taste BRITA’s filtered water you’ll never want to touch tap water again. Apart from better tasting water, you can also smell the difference too and you feel good knowing that the water you’re consuming has reduced chlorine levels.

  • Easy to Maintain- a clever and convenient feature of this product is the BRITA memo indicator. Found inside the lid of the carafe, this reminds you when the filter disc requires replacement. This eliminates the need for you to keep track of when it’s time to change over and, ensures you always have quality filtered water ready to go. Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning it’s a dream; all you need to do is put it in the dishwasher!

  • Value for Money- no one is more aware of the costs and overheads involved in maintaining a home office than small business owners. Therefore, cost saving opportunities will always be welcome. The BRITA Fill&Serve helps save your precious resources because you no longer need to purchase endless bottles of water as, you can now produce filtered water in the comfort of your own home quickly and easily.

Due to the state-of-the art materials used to create this carafe, the BRITA Fill&Serve is highly shock resistant and built to last. This is a product you can rely on.

  • Multi-purpose- not only will you love this carafe and the pure water it produces, your clients will appreciate it too. When consulting with customers in your home office, the BRITA Fill&Serve is the ideal carafe to have available with a set of glasses on your meeting table. For those who also travel to meet their clients, this light weight carafe can be easily stored in your bag.

Your home office is not complete without quality filtered water to ensure your daily hydration needs are met.

The BRITA Fill&Serve carafe is the superior choice for filtered water as it’s both a functional and beautifully designed product. The carafe will compliment any home office and, most importantly, keep you and your client’s feeling refreshed and revitalised.