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Home Cinema

January 30, 2014
Home Cinema

These days, it's not hard to achieve a near cinema perfect experience at home.

The home cinema is becoming more and more popular as technology advances and becomes more affordable.

Not only is the home cinema used to watch movies in, but they are becoming multipurpose rooms for activities like general television watching, playing computer games and surfing the internet.

Home cinemas can be customised depending on the individual’s needs, wants and budget.

They can be as basic as a room with a large flat screen television and a comfortable sofa or as advanced as a room specifically built with quality installation, customised lighting, motor controlled window furnishings, special adjustable seating just to name a few items.

Once you've decided what type of home cinema is most suited to your lifestyle, planning for it can begin.

Lighting Control

Lighting control for your home cinema would ideally be remotely controlled for your comfort and ease.

There are lighting systems that can be operated via a touch pad or hand held control that allows you to brighten, and dim, the lights just like they would at a cinema.

Furthermore, consider natural lighting in the room as well.

You don’t want to have a fabulous home cinema set up only to have insufficient internal window coverings leaking light through cracks.

Multi Room Audio

The beauty of a multi room audio system is that everybody in the home can tune in.

Usually, a multi room audio system has all the operational equipment concealed in the one handy location.

All wiring for the multi room audio system is laid and hidden within the room’s walls, so no unsightly power cords are visible.

Touch pad controls and keypads, along with speakers in ceilings and walls, are positioned throughout the home for ease of control.

Obviously, you can just have the system confined to one room as well, for example the home cinema.

Furthermore, Multi room audio is not limited to interior application. You can easily extend the system to your outdoor living area.

In-Built Speakers

In-built speakers are a very sleek and out of the way audio solution for a home cinema.

Different brands and products will have different installation requirements.

Generally speaking though, be conscious of your seating plan in your home cinema and try to position the inbuilt speakers so you achieve optimum speaker output.

If you’re reluctant to have your speakers built into the ceiling or walls, wall and ceiling mounted brackets are a different design solution.

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