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What's Your Holiday Home Design Style?

December 05, 2016
What's Your Holiday Home Design Style?

Dreaming of being whisked away to a French villa or a tropical island resort? How about getting in touch with your inner goddess at an Indian yoga retreat? It's often this time of year when our minds start to wander off to invigorating holiday escapes. The reality is many of us don't have the luxury of being able to pack our bags and jump on the next flight to Paris, however, there's nothing stopping us from creating our own private get away at home!

If you’re looking for an exotic escape but don’t quite have the time or the budget to get away this season, don’t worry, House of Home have put together some easy to implement tips and tricks for creating your very own holiday inspired style at home.

We have investigated the most popular styles to bring you advice on how to create looks for an Exotic Summer Escape, a Nordic Adventure, a French Country Retreat or relaxed Hampton's Beach House Get Away. Whatever your holiday destination preference is, we have you covered.

Holiday Home Inspo Exotic Style

Exotic Summer Escape

If majestic Mumbai nights or busy bright bazaars with colourful festivities and the rich culture of India or Morocco is calling, then an exotic holiday style will be right at home at your place. These two very beautiful cultures both rich history, colour and aromatic scents are bound to get your creative juices flowing. To re-create this style look for Hand woven baskets, heavily embodied fabrics, weaved rugs and draped fabrics, bright hues, bold patterns and ambient lanterns or candles are all trade mark tells of an exotic design.

A colour palette can encompass rich colours such a blues, reds, emerald greens and orange hues. For a modern look that's not too overpowering these colours work best on against a back drop of white.

Ingredients for an Exotic Summer home:

  • Draped coloured or Sheer curtains around a four post timber bed
  • Woven baskets, mats, lamps and thatched architectural elements
  • Timber or metal fretwork screens and panelling that filter light into interesting patterns
  • Low slung furniture in rich coloured fabrics
  • Round cushions for the floor and chairs
  • Tassled features
  • Fabric wall hangings
  • Tin and glass light pendants
  • Intricate tiled flooring
  • Lots of layering
  • A water feature or large fretwork screen will help set the tone.

Holiday Home INSPIRATION Nordic Style

Nordic Slope

If your ideal holiday includes snow-capped mountains, hot saunas and plenty of time skiing, then the Nordic Slope holiday style will be right at home at your place. Taking its tone from classic Scandinavian design aesthetics, this décor is cool, calm and collected. The principles of Nordic design are all about the Scandinavian landscape and environment with lots of natural tones like snow white, pebble grey, birch timber and leafy greens.

Just like the quietness of a still mountain, Nordic style is all about creating a calm and cohesive space that is functional for holidaying with the family or with friends. Furniture is simple yet beautiful and incredibly functional. Invest in a beautiful Scandinavian timber extension dining table that caters for everything from family dinners to large dinner parties or a deep seated leather recliner to curl up in with a good book.

This style promotes entertaining indoors – think a warm fireplace, candlelit dinners and cosy furniture that can be lounged on for hours – and being protected from the elements. If you’d love to jet set to the Swedish Alps but the budget doesn’t allow, create a Nordic nook at home for your own Scandinavian get away.

Must haves for a Nordic holiday home:

  • Simple furniture that showcases clean lines, beautiful refined timbers and is often multi-purpose. Extension dining tables, hidden storage pieces and beautiful writing desks with lots of compartments are key Nordic designs.
  • Natural fibres like woven jute rugs, linen fabrics and pastel cottons
  • A wishbone chair in any room is a trademark of Danish design
  • A soft yet refreshing palette of white, pastels and teak

Holiday Home Styles French Provincial

French Provincial Country

France is renowned for being the most romantic place in the world. Rustic farmhouses, cobblestone tracks, pristine gardens and lots of delicious bread, cheese and wine to satisfy your senses. An escape to the French countryside may be slightly out of reach but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate this idyllic feeling at home. The French country feeling is all about slowing down and appreciating the beauty of life around you. The French country design style is a blend of feminine rustic charm that is relaxed yet impeccably refined. To really get the feeling of being in a French villa, maximise the natural light as well as making any garden a feature point for your home. Position your dining area with a view of your garden or create a window daybed that lets the window frame the garden like a beautiful piece of art.

Key elements of the French Country holiday home:

  • a beautifully comfortable reading chair that blends rich timbers with linen upholstery
  • Round arm lounge suites
  • Distressed timber dining table
  • A cream armoire filled with antiques and porcelain treasures
  • Elegant lighting features like chandeliers and wall sconces
  • Lattice back dining chairs
  • Wrought iron accessories like candle sticks and statues
  • Scalloped edging on timber furniture
  • Plush ottomans
  • Round arched windows and doors
  • A soft palette of off-white, duck egg blue, natural timbers and greenery

Holiday Home Inspiration Hamptons Style

Hampton's Style Beach House

The Hampton's Style has risen from the popular coastal area of Long Island, New York. A playground for the rich and famous, this style is timeless; encompassing a 'classy', 'beachy' vibe with a relaxed neutral palette that includes accents of cool blues and calm greens with oakwashed flooring and lime-washed timbers. This style is classic and sophisticated but very much captures a relaxed laid-back vibe with it's soft neutral and pastel tones. It's all about allowing natural light to illuminate the space to create a fresh, bright and breezy interior.

Whilst the Hampton's style shows similarities to the French Provincial, Hampton's style is less ornate and delicate. It balances an 'old with new' to create an eclectic mix of furniture that can also include heavy solid oaks and wicker or cane furniture that reflects a more coastal vibe.

The characteristics of a Hampton's style pad are:

  • Colours inspired by coastal nature; Sandy neutrals with varying shades of blue - ranging from duck egg, aqua, teal and navy. Warm corals & charcoal grey also suits this style as an alternative to the blues.
  • Light timbers such as oak, lime washed tones or distressed timber dining table
  • Natural materials and finishes; linens, cottons, sisal or jute rugs and bone inlay pieces
  • Coral, shell, coastal or nautical motifs
  • Baskets, hurricane lamps, rope accessories, shell lamps or chandeliers
  • Rattan or Basket Weave Furniture, Cross Back Dining Chairs, Deep Buttoned Winged back Chairs upholstered in Linen and Adirondack Chairs for Outdoors
  • A nod to the industrial style with raw timber and wrought iron can also work well with this style as long as its teamed with lighter, brighter elements.