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Haymes, An Evening Of Colour Expressions

October 16, 2014
Haymes, An Evening Of Colour Expressions

Last night, we were kindly invited to Two Ton Max in North Melbourne to attend the 2015 Colour Forecast Launch.

Haymes stylist Wendy Rennie, presented the collection and spoke of her inspiring trip to the Paris Maison & Object.

Wendy, along with talented interior stylist Ruth Welsby, have managed to tell five very different stories through colour ranges, Exotic Botanic, Raw, New Skin, Relaxed Replay and Rhythmic Palms.

Wendy   Ruth

Haymes Paint

Haymes Paint2

haymes paint3

We were also fortunate enough to watch a presentation from founder of Yellowtrace, Dana Tomic Hughes.

Dana Tomic Hughes

She says she has an unhealthy passion for design - which hilariously raised its head when she realised her slide presentation software was corrupted and her type was not displaying in the chosen font, "this is really doing my head in. That is so ugly. I'm so so sorry everyone".

It's this eye for design detail, and this thoughtful and considered approach, that is why Dana is one of the best in the industry.

We where then transported to a world of colour immersion, a journey of design and form from across the globe.

Dana spoke about several projects, so many caught our eye but one in particular we really had to share.

For the past 40 year, 82-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has made sculptures, photographs and paintings using dots to cover the surfaces.

Kusama calls this 'obliteration', which means the complete destruction of every trace of something.

In this particular project, it's the 'obliteration' of white space.


Kusama painted a room white as part of her 'Look Now, See Forever' installation at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.

Over a two week period earlier this year, visitors were given coloured sticker dots and transformed the blank canvas into an amazing display.





Using the Haymes 2015 Colour Epression Forecast as a source of inspiration, you can create your own style, drawing on the five themes.

By choosing one main colour as a focus you can easily tone down or brighten up any of the looks, adding accessories and furniture where needed, creating the perfect personalised space.

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