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Hardwood Timber Decking

January 30, 2014
Hardwood Timber Decking

The trees that hardwood is harvested from grow much slower than those used to harvest softwood.

This means that the hardwood timber is a lot denser and more durable.

This natural durability means that hardwood products require a lot less maintenance and generally last longer than their softwood counterparts, making them the ideal choice for a deck which will need to stand up not only against nature, but general wear and tear.

The durability of the hardwood timber will depend on the type of tree it is harvested from, but overall, hardwood is the premium choice when it comes to timber selection for decking.

Apart from the durability and low maintenance factor, hardwood is an excellent choice because it is perpetually stylish and unique.

Every plank on your deck will possess its own individual traits, which separates it from engineered look of softwood and composite timbers.

There are many types of hardwoods that can be chosen, whether it be domestic, imported common or exotic; each has its own individual look and grain. With such a variety of choice, a well-made hardwood deck can look both beautiful and elegant.

Hardwood is more expensive than softwoods and sometimes composites, but with the price comes many benefits, making hardwood the most popular choice when it comes to Australian decks.

Many cheaper Hardwoods from South East Asia, such as Merbau and Kapur are a popular choice for Australian homeowners, but classic Australian hardwoods such as Ironbark and Spotted Gum still remain popular choices.

Balau Hardwood Timber Decking

A native hardwood to Asia, Balau is gaining popularity in Australia thanks to attributes that make it an attractive choice for decking. Its beautiful tones of mid-browns, sandy reds and oranges give it an eye catching contemporary look. This hardwood is particularly resistant to weather making it a versatile product.

Balau Hardwood Timber Decking

Merbau (Kwila) Timber Decking

Merbau is one of the most popular timbers in Australia when it comes to decking. It is extremely durable and highly resistant to both decay and termites. Merbau timber has a rich brown colour featuring flecks of yellow. The combination of its beautiful colour and durability makes it a popular choice for a decking material.

Merbau Timber Decking

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Red/Grey Ironbark Timber Decking

Much like the name suggests, Ironbark is an incredibly durable timber (class 1). This allows it to be useful for a number of external applications including decking. The timber is very difficult to work with, but if used well, it is perfect for decking due to its long lifespan. Ironbark has a light chocolate tone with an elegant grain. Red Ironbark features a stunning red tone, making it an attractive choice for all kinds of decking.

Red Grey Ironbark Timber Decking

Spotted Gum Timber Decking

Spotted Gum is considered to be one of Australia’s most premium hardwoods. This is due to its interesting appearance and its high level of natural durability. Spotted Gum is a favourite around the world for Architects and interior Designers thanks to its unique markings and patterns. The high level of durability makes it an ideal choice for decking. Its colours vary from light browns through to reddish hues. This timber is hugely versatile and its other uses range from bridge building all the way through to boat building.

Spotted Gum Timber Decking

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