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Hallway Styling Tips

January 30, 2014
Hallway Styling Tips

Thought and consideration is required for the renovation of a hall,hallway, or corridor.

Even though halls are not a large space in the home, they should considered as a walk-through like room. Halls serve a specific function of having to direct you from one room to another and as such, they need to be very functional.

Hall Storage

Usually, halls and corridors are relatively thin and long spaces. Furthermore, they can be very busy areas in the home when family members are rushing to all get out the door at the same time. Are there storage opportunities that you have not thought about? Often, halls can be quite empty, void spaces. Don’t just think long and narrow, how about slender horizontal shelving from floor to ceiling.

Hall Colour Schemes

Given the location and size of halls, many aren't blessed with a great deal of natural light. As such, be cautions when painting the walls a dark colour as this can enclose the space and give the illusion of it being much smaller than they really are. Colours that typically recede, like blue and green, can create a feeling of spaciousness. Furthermore, when selecting your paint, try and choose paints that offer a durable, easily cleaned finish as this will help clean any marks and scuffs.

Hall Lighting

Hall lighting is imperative to the function of the space. There are a variety of lighting applications that can be used in a hall. It’s good to consider both task lighting, given a hall is used to direct people from one space to another, and ambient lighting for all over look and feel. Up lighting in the flooring, wall lights, pendant lights, recessed ceiling lights are all fantastic options when it comes to selecting your final choice. Sky lights are a great addition to a hall as they can filter through lovely, natural light to the space. Finally when it comes to lighting also consider artwork on the walls. Incorporating picture lights can really add to the character of a hall space.

Hall Flooring

Hall flooring can be the same flooring throughout the house or, it can be covered in a different flooring material to define the space and create atmosphere all of its own. Given halls are mostly long, narrow spaces, beautiful decorative runners can be very pleasing to the eye and reinforce direction. Flooring like tiles and wood parquetry can look spectacular when applied in a decorative pattern.