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Alisa & Lysandra, Hallway Style 

January 27, 2015
 Alisa & Lysandra, Hallway Style

Alisa and Lysandra remind us that it’s sometimes the least thought-through spaces that can make the strongest first impressions, be it positive or negative.


*This desk lamp features a round chrome shade with adjustable neck and circular chrome base.

The hallway is one of these areas – it might not seem like a priority on the interior styling agenda, yet it does indeed set the agenda. When guests walk through the front door and into their home, it’s often the hallway that greets them. The twins step us through how to make that moment a memorable one for all the right reasons.


*This side table is perfect for styling with minimalistic trinkets. The detailed nickel printed surface speaks load enough and has a beautiful metallic shimmer.

Come inside, take your shoes off, our house is your house; welcome to the hallway.

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