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Tips To Create A Luxury Sleep Experience

December 08, 2015
Tips To Create A Luxury Sleep Experience

Australians spend nearly one third of their lifetime sleeping, that’s a lot of time spent under covers. Why is it then that most people don’t receive the recommended amount of sleep per day? Our lives have become extremely fast paced and many people will sacrifice sleep in order to complete all of our daily tasks.

Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep to have a completely restorative sleep. Sleeping is essential for human survival, the longest a human has gone without sleep is 11 days to the detrimental and near fatal consequences. (Ross, 1965).

There is an alarming trend in today’s culture, where most people will regard sleep as a luxury to be afforded to one after a long days hard work, or for that rare Saturday ‘sleep in’, or only available when on holidays. At House of Home we had to ask the question why we can’t have a luxurious and restorative nights’ sleep every night?

With the help of Lauren Roe, Creative Director at I Love Linen we discovered how you can bring that luxurious hotel sleep experience home, enjoying that plush restorative nights’ sleep every night.

“Good 5 star hotels, will provide as part of the package that you are paying for, a beautiful sleep experience. It’s the one thing a hotel needs to get right every time. Hotels have to provide premium comfort when guests are staying there, and that guest have a great night’s sleep. Hotels make a lot of calculated decisions to make sure that they’ve got a guest that will sleep beautifully.” Lauren says.

rsz luxury hotel sleep experience

When booking a relaxing holiday, most people will invest a great amount of money for an amazing hotel room, this is because they treat hotels rooms as a ‘treat’. Little do they realise how easy it is to replicate that experience at home.

Lauren, suggests the following breakdown steps for creating a luxurious night’s sleep at home

1) Start with a mattress topper

2) Buy the correct pillow for you

3) Then purchase the right Linen for your bed

Let’s look more closely at these key areas.

Why You Need to Buy a Mattress Topper:

“I think a big part of improving anyone’s bed or mattress, doesn’t matter if it’s an affordable one or a luxury mattress, a mattress topper is the easiest way to enhance or improve.” Lauren suggests.

So what is a mattress topper? People often confuse a mattress topper with what is called a mattress protector, which is just a thin protective cover. Lauren informs us that a mattress topper is very different.

“A mattress topper consists of very small stitched pockets filled with high grade filling, so that once it is laid over an entire mattress you’re actually sleeping on something that is incredibly supportive and cushioned.” Lauren informs us.

“A mattress topper generally creates the feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud, it’s used to make a bed feel plush and will contour around your body. It’s design to make you really enjoy sleeping!” Lauren says.

“A topper is key! We’ve known through feedback from a hotel consultancy group that we’ve employed in the past that have said that some hotels will have simple mattress, but they will then invest in a very high grade mattress topper because that’s what makes the difference on the bed." Lauren informs us.

How To Choose The Correct Pillow For You:

rsz zimmer hotel room luxury sleep experience

Having the best type of pillows on your bed can make or break a good nights’ sleep. There’s a massive range of pillows on the market at the moment and it can be hard to know which one is best for your needs. Lauren suggests that most people will enjoy a pillow which is medium firm, this is because, ultimately most people will want something that is soft but also supportive so that your neck is gently kept upright so that you’re not putting undue stress on your neck while you sleep.

“A good quality pillow also needs to be designed to suit back, side and stomach sleepers.” Lauren informs us.

“Hotels are different from our homes as they will often have a pillow menu for different types of sleepers. Of course most people will only need one type, so it’s best to think about the way you sleep before purchasing a pillow” Lauren says.

One thing that places Hotel beds far above our home equivalents is that hotels will always provide multiple layers of pillows on their bed settings. Lauren says that this is a strategic combination of supportive pillows, European pillows and pillows to support your back whilst sitting up in bed.

“These added pillow layers create a bed that feels very cosy and haven like, it’s designed to make the bed feel plump and inviting. Additional pillows and soft furnishings on the bed help to create this incredibly high-end and luxe experience. The mattress and pillow combination should feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud you want to wake up in the morning and be completely relaxed and refreshed.” Lauren explains.”

Why Linen & Manchester Makes a Difference:

rsz 5 star hotel room

One of the most important aspects of a luxury hotel experience, is the inclusion of great quality manchester. Hotels make it look easy to be able to slip into bed and feel beautiful textures and finishes. Hotels have a number of options at their disposal, cotton, French linen or linen. If you’re confused about the difference Lauren happily helped educate us too:

“The difference between cotton sheet sets and linen sheet sets is that cotton is grown from the cotton plant which means you’ll get a smoother flatter one dimensional finish which is silky to touch. Linen on the other hand is made from the Flax plant, it is not as tightly woven as cotton and has a natural textural three dimensional feel to it” Lauren explains.

Most Hotels will use a high grade cotton sheets sets in their rooms, however Lauren tells us that there is a trend towards Linen she has noticed in the last few years.

“Upscale boutique hotels will be more likely to use French linen, this is because they want to offer something that is different or something that is a little more interesting for the guests than the standard cotton sheet sets” Lauren explains.

With so many different types of bedding out there Lauren suggests taking note of what you enjoy in hotel rooms to discover which fabric suits you best. “If you’re someone who wants that sleek perfectly smooth silky sheet finish, then a high grade cotton is probably better for you. Linen can be quite a polarizing fabric, because of the way it’s produced. Linen sheets are naturally creased with a natural rumpled finish and that look is not for everyone, so you have to keep that in mind when purchasing sheet sets.” Lauren explains.

Lauren also suggests to keep in mind the need to think about having linen that is super plush but also practical for the home, so that if you do need to pop into the wash, you can do so without fear of ruining your sheets or damaging the fibers. For this reason she suggests natural fibers over polyester or blend, as this is much more practical to keep clean and maintain longevity.

If you want to complete the crisp contemporary hotel look Lauren suggests choosing a quilt cover in white with a slight accented pattern to break up the look.

Lauren’s 7 Tips for Bringing the Hotel Experience Home:

1) Buy a good quality Mattress Topper

2) Make sure your pillows and the topper complement each other

3) Don’t scrimp on your linen

4) Choose a nice thicker, high quality weave.

6) Select natural fibres so that you don’t sweat at night.

7) Include additional pillows on your bed for extra support

You sleep on your bed every day of your life, so it makes sense to spend a little time invest in your bed and Manchester. It is often that we will forget this and spend large sums of money on a piece of clothing or shoes that we will only wear for one season. Most of us will keep sheets for two to four years, so it makes sense to invest in a quality linen or cotton sheet set that will last. Lauren makes the point;

“If you divide how much you spend on your bedding by 365 days in the year, you’ll find that you’ve actually saved more than you realise. Not many people can justify that type of spending on clothes or shoes. It’s a really nice feeling to get into a bed that you’re excited about returning to. One that isn’t a special holiday treat to your body.” Lauren says.

That being said, we have to wonder now, what’s the point of having an average night’s sleep?

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House of Home would like to thank Lauren Roe from I Love Linen for teaching us how to bring that luxury sleep experience home.

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