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Planning Your Guest Bedroom

January 30, 2014
Planning Your Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom can conjure up images of luxury, comfort and space. It’s a place where your guests can retreat from the remainder of the home and have a space where they can relax and feel comfortable.

Let’s be honest though, when the guest bedroom is not occupied, it does have the tendency to turn into storage, come kids playroom come exercise space etc.

As such, when planning your guest bedroom renovation keep in mind what other uses are planned for the room when not being occupied by visitors, if any, and try to accommodate these.

Envisage yourself in the guest bedroom prior to your renovation.

What style do you want to achieve for your guest bedroom?

What would you like in the room if you were a guest?

This will all help with the planning stage of your renovation and in turn, assist in making the actual renovation as smooth and stress free as possible.

Storage and Cabinetry

Storage such as built in wardrobes or custom made cabinets is a terrific addition to a guest bedroom.

Not only will your visitors appreciate having the option of unpacking their clothes and hanging them up, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate further storage options for your own personal items.

Desk and Task Lighting

Most guests these days travel with an item of digital technology.

A desk, if space permits, with some form of task lighting would make for a very comfortable addition to the guest bedroom.

Rather than a desk chair, think of something a bit my luxurious.

Incorporating a mirror on the wall in front of the desk also allows for multi functions such as grooming.

Task lighting beside each side of the bed should be considered.

Be it lamps sitting on the bedside table or a pendant light hanging from the ceiling, be mindful of the way the light illuminates the space.

Painting and Wallpaper

A feature wall of a beautiful paint colour or some amazing printed wallpaper can be a stunning addition to your guest bedroom.

Think about clever applications like strips or perhaps even geometric shapes.

You can be experimental and paint a contrasting wall colour as a bedhead to create a focal point.

Internal Window Coverings

Will your style of guest bedroom suit blinds, shutters, or perhaps sheer curtains?

Whatever the window treatment, consider the ambience you are wanting to achieve in the room and this will help dictate your final choices.

Heating and Cooling

Will a ceiling fan and electric heater be efficient enough to adequately heat and cool the room?

Consider the size and space of the room as this will help in your final choices of cooling and heating options.

Whatever the final choice, it’s nice to consider controls that can be adjusted as your guest may prefer a cooler or warmer room to what you ideally like.

Finally, a lovely finishing touch to any guest bedroom is the small creature comforts to make them feel at home.

Think about fresh laundered fluffy towels and a hand soap on the bed, a selection of reading material by the side table, a beautiful fresh vase of flowers or an oil diffuser on the window ledge or perhaps even a couple of cotton bath robes hanging on hooks on the back of their door.

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