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Buyers Guide To Mosaico Digitale, from Grafico

November 25, 2015
Buyers Guide To Mosaico Digitale, from Grafico

Grafico, Mosaico Digitale

Tiles have been gracing our walls, ceilings and floors since as far back as the 13th century BC. It was in ancient Greece where pebble pavements were first laid for practical necessities, however they were soon recognised and celebrated as beautiful works of art. Since that time, many cultures including Byzantine, Roman and English Empires have adopted the technique for decorating their homes and places of sacred worship. However, since its humble beginnings mosaic tile manufacturing has had few advancements in the course of history. That is, until now.

What Is Mosaico Digitale?

Mosaico Digitale, (or Digitally Printed Mosaic Tiles) are a completely unique and brand new concept in the world of tiles. Mosaico Digitale is a tiling process which allows an individual to deconstruct any digital image they choose and print it into resin tiles. The tiles are designed and produced in Puglia, Italy, with the latest printing technology. This new exclusive process allows a client to potentially decorate whole areas of their home or office with beautiful customised imagery in an easy to install and efficient way.

rsz caro kingi bathroom mosaico digitale mosaic tile

Caro & Kingi from The Block, selected an edgy bare tree design for their powder room challenge in week 5 on The Block

rsz caro kingi bedroom graffiti mosaic tiles  1

Caro & Kingi were extremely pleased and impressed with all of Grafico's products and services

How Are Mosaico Digitale Tiles Constructed?

The process of Mosaico Digitale, produces a strong and lightweight series of tiles which can then be applied and grouted to almost any surface. The specific capabilities of this new tile technology means that you are able to literally transform any area in your home into a timeless piece of art worthy of any antique mosaic arrangement.

rsz grafico digital tile 4

Perhaps the most impressive feature attributed to the Mosaico Digitale process is how completely individual and uniquely customisable the system is. At Grafico, the Australian and New Zealand exclusive distributor of Mosaico Digitale, you are able to adjust and select any image of your choice to suit any area in your home you wish to transform. You are also able to completely customise the specific shape and size of the individual tiles you have chosen. For those obsessed with hexagon tiles at the moment have no fear, Grafico has your style covered!

rsz grafico digital tile 3

“Mosaico Digitale adds delight and charm to interiors, with its infinite number of design possibilities.” Damian Corney | Managing Director, Grafico

Mosaico Digitale, is truly a revolutionary way to decorate and design whole areas of your home or business. Not only are we now able to choose the imagery, we are also able to adjust and adapt the shape of the tile, the content of each tile and the distance between the individual tiles.

The friendly staff at Grafico inform us that the unique patented process of Mosaico Digitale means that a chosen image is printed onto a special film; resin is then applied carefully over the top of the film to protect it and form the shape of the individual tiles. After this process is completed, a netting is carefully attached to the back of the film to create a durable frame in which to keep the tiles aligned and also groutable. In the final stage a removable clear protective layer is applied over the face of the tiles.

rsz calton wall 01

Carlton Football Club's Feature Wall, customised by Grafico

As the tiles are designed and made with resin rather than ceramic or stone they are more malleable than traditional tiles and are the perfect form for moulding around bends, corners, crevasses and walls that typically couldn’t support traditional mosaic tiles. Despite the fact that these tiles are not glass or ceramic, the durability of the resin tiles are exceptional. Mosaico Digitale tiles are scratch resistant and their durability and longevity makes them suitable for indoor, outdoors and wet areas.

rsz carlton football club mosaico digitale 3

Carlton Football Club's Feature Wall, customised by Grafico

“Almost any tile shape and size is possible with Mosaico Digitale. Every order is completely custom made, which means that each client can specify down to the ‘mm’ with shape size.” Damian Corney | Managing Director, Grafico

rsz versace runway fotor

Mosaico Digitale was a key feature in one of notable Italian brand Versace's runway events.

Where Can It Be Applied?

Grafico’s Mosaico Digitale (Digitally Printed Mosaic Tiles) have totally transformed the idea of wall décor and interior design in Australia. Mosaico Digitale is the perfect solution for those wishing to decorate their homes with something a little more exceptional than the traditional tile options we have available today. The list of areas it can be applied to is almost endless, Grafico staff inform us that it’s suitable for kitchens, outdoor areas and swimming pools, bathrooms and wet areas, hallways, foyers, dining areas, bedrooms and much more.

rsz outdoor tree tiles 2 grafico

Mosaico Digitale Tiles are perfectly suitable to exterior spaces, maybe it's time to update our patio and pools?

rsz img 7718

Grafico's Mosaico Digitale is suitable for wet areas and pools.

Mosaico Digitale Facts & Specs.

  • Heat, fire and chemically tested.

  • Non Toxic and self-extinguishing.

  • Flexible and capable of following curves.

  • Only 2mm thick.

  • Lightweight, only 1.2 kg per square meter.

  • UV Resistant so perfect for outdoor areas!

  • Can be applied and installed over existing tiles or surfaces.

  • Comes with a 10 year Guarantee*.

  • Fast Air- Freight, with a 4-6 week turn around upon order.

  • Featured on The Block 2015.

  • Used by notable and distinguished European Architects; Roberto Semprini, Maurizio Favetta, Alberto Apostoli and Gianni Veneziano.

  • Notable artists and designers have also been known to use Mosaico Digitale for the creation of exclusive ranges and interiors, these include Karim Rashid, Mac Stopa and Jangir Maddadi.

rsz sophia loren grafico digitale moasico

Sophia Loren, honored with a Mosaico Digitale display in her likeness

Traditional laying of mosaic tiles requires a time consuming and involved procedure where a professional may spend hours completing an image by laying individual tiles of glass or stone onto a surface. This process has been around for years, and while traditionally produced mosaic tile images are beautiful they are often costly, require many hours and are often hard for extensive detail to be produced in the images (often creating pixel like images). Grafico’s Mosaico Digitale offers an alternative to this process, one that is lightweight and easy to install. It also allows an individual unbridled freedom with imagery and creative control. It’s a stylish and beautiful alternative for creating a unique space within your home or business, one that it completely exclusive to you.

House Of Home would like to thank Damian Corney from Grafico for sharing with us the ease and uniqueness of Mosaico Digitale