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The Collection, A Touch Of Gold

September 28, 2015
The Collection, A Touch Of Gold

The use of gold has been embedded interior design since the first day the precious metal was discovered and manipulated by human hands. Gold has decorated us throughout history, on our bodies, in our art, and most notably on our walls and floors and furniture. As a species, we are clearly obsessed.

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Create the modern gilded look by combining gold French period or Victorian pieces with mid-century objects.

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Gold is fun, it symbolizes wealth, and celebrity, luminaries and to some extent royalty. Introducing it into your home gives us the access to that realm of luxury in a safe and manageable way. Even if you are too nervous about throwing up a bold vivid gold wallpaper in your living room, there are more accessible ways of introducing gold into your home.

Gold commands attention – it will instantly draw the eye directly to whatever object it clings to.

If you’re apprehensive about the use of gold in an interior design space, its best to start small and don’t exaggerate the use. Choose simple and honestly designed items, faux-gold is inexpensive yet will give to that gold plated style. When first dabbling in styling with gold, smaller items are perfect for bring that bling factor, flatware, small sculptures, candle holders, bowls and other small objects can be used with great success in the home.

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Less is more, when using Gold accents be stringent and thoughtful about its placement

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Some people feel gold can be hard to work with, and people often avoid using it as they see it as either too intense or excessive, or a accent which may detract from a space’s appearance. At House of Home, on the other hand, we believe if applied correctly to suit a room’s personality and character, gold accents can create synthesis and an elegant sense of glamour within a space without being gaudy.

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