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Glowpear™ Urban Garden 

May 18, 2015
Glowpear™ Urban Garden

We first came across the Glowpear™ Urban Garden last year and recently got to meet with Co-Founder Lloyd Fenn to tell us more about this terrific product.

As with most great inventions, they spring after one’s own attempt fails or, isn’t as smooth sailing as perhaps it could be. As such, Lloyd was inspired to develop the Glowpear™ Urban Garden after his own attempts to grow produce in inner city Melbourne highlighted the lack of user friendly products designed for aspiring gardeners living in medium to high density environments.

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“It’s no secret that Australia is quickly becoming more urbanised”, comments Lloyd.

“Australia is currently undergoing a boom in apartment living – unit approvals as a proportion of all construction activity rose from 25 per cent in 2009 to over 43 per cent last year. People want to be where the action is”.

In response to this need, he set about designing the Glowpear™ Urban Garden, a modular self-watering planter specifically designed for growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the urban environment.

As Lloyd rightly points out, urban gardeners are generally challenged for both space and time.

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“The solution was to create a modular system that can be tailored to suit any space, featuring a base module with sufficient planting volume to ensure that even large vegetables can be grown with ease. Best of all, we’ve made sure you'll never have to worry about forgetting to water your plants again, because every Glowpear Urban Garden comes with its own integrated self-watering system to ensure your plants thrive, regardless of your busy lifestyle.”

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Lloyd is one of four partners in Glowpear™, a collaboration that brings together some of Australia’s best young designers, including Red Dot Design award winner Nathan Pollock of Katapult Design.

One glance at the Glowpear™ Urban Garden and it’s evident that this planter was designed to be seen. Its contemporary design aesthetic, clean lines, and build quality set it well apart from its competitors in a market still dominated by tired pots and planters that were designed in a world that pre dates the modern apartment.

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So, how did the name come about and can you really grow a pear tree in the Glowpear™ Urban Garden?

Lloyd explains that the name has absolutely nothing to do with growing pears.

“I can’t say we’ve ever even tried to grow a pear tree in the Urban Garden but I suspect that if we did, it would have to be a small one!” remarks Lloyd.

Instead, we found out that the name ‘Glowpear’ is actually a play on the direct English translation of the German words for ‘light bulb’ – ‘Gluh birne’, which quite literally translates as glowpear.

“It is an odd name but we were drawn to the warmth it eludes and found that it also dovetails nicely into the Glowpear™ ideology: products that delight, shared experience, ideas that bring us together.”

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We found out that there are ten key advantages of the Glowpear™ Urban Garden compared to standard planter boxes.

1.Self Watering

The Urban Garden is self-watering so plants get the water they require, when they need it. As long as there is water in the reservoir it is impossible to underwater or overwater your plants. The reservoir holds over 13 litres, allowing you to leave your plants for days or weeks on end without compromising their growth

2. Level Indicator

The Urban Garden has a level indicator that acts as a visual prompt to remind you when it’s time to fill the reservoir

3. Clip On Drip Trays

The Urban Garden has unique clip on drip trays to allow for indoor and outdoor surface protection if the reservoir is overfilled

4. Modularity

The Urban Garden features a modular design that can be tailored to suit your individual needs and budget. Planters can be used separately or linked together to share a reservoir

5. Double Wall Construction

The Urban Garden has a double walled construction, meaning soil is insulated against extreme temperatures and evaporation is minimised

6. Minimalist Contemporary Aesthetic

The Urban Garden features an iconic contemporary aesthetic that is absent in standard planter boxes at the same price point

7. Food Safe

The Urban Garden is made from food safe, BPA free, recyclable materials

8. Lightweight

The Urban Garden weighs less than 10kgs unplanted so can be transported with ease making it perfect for renters and apartment living in particular

9. Raised For Easy Tending

The Urban Garden is raised off the ground in order to facilitate ease of planting and tending. Its height and low maintenance functionality also makes it perfect for children, elderly and disabled gardeners.

10. Planting Volume

The Urban Garden has been specifically optimised to ensure that its planting volume and depth are perfect for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit, whilst also being compact enough to remain sensitive to space constraints in the urban environment.

Furthermore, we quizzed Lloyd about the fact that we are sure there are a lot of urban gardener enthusiasts out there but, that they are restricted by limited outdoor space – if any. Apparently no outdoor space, no problems. “It’s been specifically designed as a crossover indoor / outdoor product. Each unit comes with two clip-on drip trays that act to protect your indoor / outdoor surfaces from spillages as a result of overfilling,” replies Lloyd.

Lloyd also noted that they like to encourage their customers to be creative and adventurous with their Urban Gardens so they have introduced the concept of ‘Glowpear Cocktails’ on their website.

“Glowpear Urban Garden Cocktails are the most creative and inspirational way to plan your next crop of veggies. Each of the seasonal "cocktail" recipes have been based around the theory of "companion planting" and are cleverly designed to look stunning, maximize productive space, and grow perfect vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for use in your kitchen.”

It’s clear that this product is a terrific solution for urban gardeners and it got us thinking, are there plans to design any more urban garden products or expand the range?

“The Urban Garden range is set to expand over the next few years. We are launching a range of commercial applications and also have a new slimline wall unit currently in production.” Lloyd says excitedly.

If those products are anything as functional and handsome as the Glowpear™ Urban Garden, then we are certain there will be amazing produce and flowers sprouting up all over the city in no time!

Cocktail anyone?!

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rsz glowpear kitchen cocktail

The cocktails created by Glowpear™ Urban Garden have been designed and based around the theory of "companion planting". Not only are they designed to grow delicious vegetables, herbs and flowers for use in your cooking, but they look stunning and mazimize productive space. Our favourite? The Goddess Cocktail.

The Goddess Cocktail

(Autumn/Winter Planting)

  • 3 Curly Kale
  • 3 Purple Kale
  • 3 Cavolo Nero
  • 3 Violas
  • 3 Chive

The Team at House Of Home would like to thank Lloyd Fenn from Glowpear™ Urban Garden for his time.