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Glass Bricks Are Back - Here's How You Can Use Them 

June 06, 2018
Glass Bricks Are Back - Here's How You Can Use Them

Thanks to #HoHPartner, Austral Bricks, we're in love with glass bricks again.

Your home is very much like fashion – ideas start with the designers at couture houses and then slowly (or sometimes alarmingly quickly!) there’s a version available everywhere.

So it is with glass bricks. Whilst we’ve been cringing at the eighties and nineties iterations – think horrid dividing walls, and shower spaces- uber architects like Renzo Piano meanwhile were re-inventing how glass could be used as a construction material.

Glass is an incredible material. Durable. Recyclable. Sustainable. Insulating. Not to mention it’s translucence. Patterned, frosted, tinted or clear; glass transmits and filters light into internal spaces in beautiful ways. Maybe, its time to revisit how we can use glass bricks.

Like all good comebacks, glass bricks aren’t what they used to be –the new version is sophisticated, improved, and definitely more stylish than the old.

The New and Improved Glass Bricks

Meet the Poesia range from Brickworks. Poesia is a word meaning ‘poetry’ in Italian, and fittingly the Poesia glass bricks draw on the deep tradition of crafted murano glass.

Poesia Glass Bricks by Brickworks | House of Home

Image via Brickworks, Blue Sapphire in Natural , Polished , and Frosted finishes.

Instead of two glass faces, the Poesia glass bricks are solid poured glass. Their shape echoes the wide landscape or letterbox ratio that has become popular in lots of fixtures and fittings.

Being made as a solid poured brick of glass has created an opportunity for creating beautiful colours – the Poesia range includes a crystal clear shade (think of a glass of water), an incredible aquamarine blue, a stronger, deeper sapphire blue, and a bright amber. These are beautiful colours for light to filter through, and work perfectly with current colour palettes.

The cringe-worthy glass blocks from the ‘80s were square blocks, essentially two glass faces with a hollow interior. The new incarnations, however, are stunning. Instead of square, they are rectangular, mimicking the shape and size of an actual building brick. This gives designers and architects the option to change materials within a space without changing from the visual rhythm of the shape and size of bricks.

The Advantages of Glass Bricks

Glass bricks are a versatile material for solving challenges in contemporary open spaces. They allow for visual connection between spaces while still creating privacy and helping to manage noise. Additionally to this visual connection, they allow natural light to penetrate deep into a space.

Poesia Glass Bricks by Brickworks | House of Home

Image via Brickworks

The Brickworks Design Studio features a wall of the clear Crystal Arctic Poesia bricks as an internal wall. The glass bricks allow light into the space, a visual connection to the staircase, but give privacy and create space in a very open plan space.

Glass Bricks In Australia – The Paramount House

Poesia Glass Bricks | Paramount Recreation Club| House of Home via Calida

Image via Calida

Designed by Breathe Architecture and constructed by Calida, the Paramount House Hotel in Sydney is an excellent example of the Poesia range in motion. Calida explained the benefits of using the range-

The Poesia Artiko Shine Glass Blockwork created a clean, light and modern space, blurring the boundaries from inside to outside - Calida

Poesia Glass Bricks by Brickworks | House of Home

Image via Right Angle Studio

This award-winning design houses the Paramount Recreation Club on its rooftop, utilizing a glass brick wall to allow light into the usually stuffy gym bathrooms.

Architectural Glass Brick Projects of Note

There’s lots of examples of glass blocks and bricks being used in great architecture, so for inspiration on how the greats have used them, check out these examples.

Hermes in Tokyo, by Renzo Piano


Image via Archilovers

Crystal Houses by MVRDV in Amsterdam, occupied by Chanel.


Image via Business Insider

Sublime Home in Japan


Image via Dezeen

Tips for using glass bricks

So what are the rules around using glass bricks to keep them feeling fresh and contemporary?

  1. Definitely choose something from the Poesia range – when it comes to glass bricks these are definitely the most stylish option on the market
  2. Try combining with dark frames to create a shoji screen effect
  3. Because glass bricks are back lit, think carefully about the textures of the surrounding materials – choosing matte finishes and warmer tones like terrazzo and timber will give a much better result than harsh colours and glossy surfaces, which will compete.

Where to buy Glass Bricks in Australia

Whether you’re wanting to buy glass bricks in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia (they ship nationally!), Austral Bricks are the exclusive retailers of the Poesia range.


#HoHPartner - Brickworks

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to incorporate Glass Bricks into your home, then be sure to check out the Poesia product range at Austral Bricks

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