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Games Room

January 30, 2014
Games Room

A games room for one family can be a completely different space in the home for another.

The best games rooms are those that have had some thought and planning involved in the early stages of the renovation.

Some games rooms can be as simple as four walls, some flooring and spare storage for toys.

Others can take on a whole theme and be custom built around an individual’s needs and taste.

As such, it’s important to consider who lives in the home and what their hobbies and interest are as this will assist in creating your dream games room renovation.

If the games room will be purely for the younger kids in the home, think about the following:

  • Consider the location of the games room in the house – would it be preferable to have a door leading outside so the kids can easily access the backyard? Or would you prefer them within easy sight from where you would spend most of your time at home so you can easily keep an eye on them.
  • Choose a durable and easy to clean wall paint so that if any scuffs or markings happen during play time, they are easily wiped away.
  • Select a floor covering that is versatile, robust and easily cleaned up after a big games session.
  • Adequate insulation if the kids will be making substantial noise
  • Think about incorporating custom built storage for toys, play equipment, sporting objects.
  • Consider heating and cooling options that have temperature controls so as to help create an inviting space.
  • Task lighting will be useful for activities like reading, watching tv, puzzle solving etc.

Childrens Playroom

If the games room will be for the adults in the family, think about the following:

  • Custom built display cabinets to house precious items like trophies, memorabilia, photo albums etc
  • Allowing space for larger items to easily enter the room e.g. a billiards table, foosball table
  • Consider if ambient lighting is adequate or if task lighting is required
  • Perhaps locks on the doors if the games room is to be off limits to children
  • Flexibility of room layout if the games room will be a multipurpose space e.g. possibly for guests to stay in, a home gymnasium etc.
  • Add some indoor games to the room such as a ping pong table
    Adults Gamesroom