3 Steps to Transform Your Home Into a Work of Art

July 28, 2014
3 Steps to Transform Your Home Into a Work of Art

Written by guest blogger Minot Pettinato

Bold, arty statement pieces are becoming more and more popular for modern homes. These investment focal pieces are great even for smaller living areas, as they can add drama and dimension to any space without taking up too much of it. Unique pieces also make great talking points for your friends and family. Transforming your home into your personal yet functional art exhibit takes no more than three simple steps.

Step 1: Lighting

Sometimes it’s the smallest or simplest element in a room that becomes its defining feature. Take lighting, for example. Look for eye-catching pieces with interesting designs, such as the captivating Jorn Utzon Opera Pendant Lights by Danish Red with overlapping panels. This metal design adds a futuristic element to your space that’s sure to grab anyone’s artful attention. A different approach would be using a modern take on simple lighting like the Octo 4240 Finnish. String these fixtures in your hallway, or hang low above your dining table for an extra flare, or hang your pendant lights in a row of three, like pot-lighting, to give your space an added drama.

Jorn Utzon Opera Pendant Lights by Danish Red

Step 2: Create Shapes

In photography, models are told to create shapes with their bodies to add depth and interest to their photograph. It's no different with your living-space. Use uniquely shaped pieces to create a focal point to any room, such as the Peel Lounge Chair and footstool by Destination 3000. This design was inspired by an orange peel and adjusts easily to your body weight. You may also choose to theme your art space with the furniture you purchase, such as the Siekaup Bruhl Morning Dew Chair, which would easily blend into a garden or forest themed room with its flower-petal design that hugs your body.

destination 3000 varier peel chair

siekaup bruhl morning dew chair

Step 3: Mix Your Materials

The key to making any room different is mixing and matching your materials; brass and glass, wood and leather, old and new. Choose an antique wooden table and pair it with trendy, curvaceous bar stools such as the Australian-madeKristalia BCN Stool. Better yet, bring the outdoors in with the Tomahawk Campfire Table by Anibou. This table appears as a teepee of firewood with a trendy round glass cover. Mixing materials creates depth and contrast for the eyes to look at, instantly making your would-be run-of-the-mill coffee table the new focal piece of your room.

bcn stool kristalia

To make your room a work of art, remember to choose pieces that add drama, length, color and shape to your living space.