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Furniture ideas for your communal office space 

February 26, 2014
Furniture ideas for your communal office space

Decorating the communal space in your office might at first seem like you’re about to embark on a difficult diplomatic mission. In fact, it can be a lot of fun and can be done in a way that (hopefully) pleases everyone!

The best starting point is to ask a few key questions, the answers to which will likely inform how you then go about decorating and furnishing your communal space.

Who is coming to this communal space?

Everyone who works in the office, you might answer. But who does that really mean? Is your office largely full of administration personnel, or do you have a real mixed bag of employees incorporating everyone from creative types, to bean counters, to senior management and everything in-between? By knowing who is really going to be coming into the space, you then start to get a sense of the myriad personalities it for which it will ultimately cater.

What does this communal space need to do?

Is this communal space largely going to hold meetings? Will it be a place to which people bring their lunch and sit down and enjoy their midday break? Will it need to stimulate, inspire and motivate minds? Will it be a time-out zone, where people know they can go for brief and relaxing wind-downs before getting back to the job? Or might it have to be a little of all these things throughout different times of the day?

What about the size of the communal space and the number of people using it?

The answer to this question will also influence the office furniture you choose for your communal space. If for example you have a fairly small communal space that needs to cater for a large number of people, then you will be selecting office furniture that minimises its footprint but maximises versatility of use. Alternatively, if you have an overly generous communal space and a small number of staff, then you’ll seek office furniture that can ‘fill’ the area and not leave people feeling like they’re stranded in their workplace!

Start by asking yourself these questions and then you will soon determine whether the office furniture in your communal space calls for bookcases, tables, chairs; or sofas and beanbags; or recreational equipment …

The list goes on! Once you’ve started to get a clear idea of what this communal space needs to be, who it needs to look after, and how much space you’ve got to play with, then you can have some fun looking for it all on House of Home!

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