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Furniture for Small Apartments

October 24, 2016
Furniture for Small Apartments

Congratulations - you’ve bought your new apartment, and now it’s time to think about furnishing it. We caught up with Trevor Johnston, from Sofa Concept in Richmond, Melbourne, to get some tips on choosing your new apartment furniture.

With the increasing number of apartments coming onto the market, people are looking for furniture that suits small spaces & has been designed with apartment living in mind.

As a forty year veteran of the furniture game, Trevor has learnt from experience what some of the key things to consider are, and the pitfalls to avoid.

4 Things to consider when buying furniture for your new apartment.

So what are the four things you should consider when looking for a couch, a dining room table or coffee table for your new apartment?

Interestingly, size is only one of the aspects that needs considering. As Trevor explains, for most Australians who have grown up in a pretty standard suburban home, there are some extra things that you need to think about when buying furniture for your new apartment - in particular, things like access when you are getting your new furniture delivered is really important.

Access to your Apartment & Getting your new furniture delivered

Of course everything is possible, but with a little planning and thought it’s possible to really simplify the process of getting your new dining table or couch delivered to your apartment.

Trevor has a few really practical suggestions:

  • Make sure you’ve measured your space accurately – that way when you finally get it in, you know it’s going to fit in the space. It’s good to also double check the width of the doorway and depth of the elevator or staircase.
  • Look for furniture in kit form. This will make the process of getting it from the store, to the building, then the lift, and finally into the apartment much easier, and will also potentially save you quite a bit on the delivery cost.

If the thought of any furniture in kit form brings back bad memories – don’t worry, it’s not all Allen keys and joints that don’t quite meet.

As Trevor explains, “Lots of other places in the world have been doing apartment living for a long time, so there are some great suppliers out there who build well designed, quality furniture that will last 20 years, but it just happens to be delivered flat-packed.” And of course there is always the option of getting your purchase delivered and then assembled.

Getting the right design & scale

The key to success in furnishing an apartment is not just in buying small furniture, it’s about choosing the right design & scale of furniture that suits you and your apartment.

So, for example if you are looking for a sofa, finding a range that has a narrower seat depth will help to avoid crowding the space. In the same way, looking for a couch that has a more minimalist design rather than heavily upholstered will also help to keep that sense of space. Add to that list couches on a tapered wood or metal leg, rather than solid all the way to the floor.

If you are someone who loves eating at a dining table or entertaining, then consider purchasing an extension table. Extension dining tables are perfect for apartment living, offering great flexibility.

Then there are the more subtle things like coffee tables. A full size coffee table runs at about 1300mm in length, but Sofa Concept stocks coffee tables at a smaller 1100mm. Not so small as to feel dinky, but just the right size when paired with a smaller sofa.

And of course nesting tables are great – and not just for apartments!


Lots of apartment furniture does come flat packed. But this doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing quality. What it does mean though is that you’ll be getting quality pieces for your money.

“We’ve chosen our manufacturing partners really carefully” explains Trevor. “All of the components & hardware are very good quality, so although you are buying flat packed furniture, the quality of your assembled piece is something that you might have expected to pay a lot more for.”

Lead Time

The team at Sofa Concept has developed a really good understanding of what people living in apartments are looking for. Using these insights they keep stock of the pieces they know work, so you will be able to fit your apartment out straight away without having to wait the usual 12 weeks for things to be made.

Trends in Small Apartment Furniture

Wondering what’s next in furniture trends? Trevor explains that although the blonde woods and Scandinavian styling of the past few years continue to be popular, he is seeing a shift towards darker wood stains like walnut for dining settings.

And for couches, grey is definitely the colour of choice, and maybe navy or a green for those who are braver.

If you are after furniture for your new apartment, have a look at these pieces and styles, that work really well in smaller spaces.