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Front Yard

January 30, 2014
Front Yard

Like the entrance to a home, the front yard is the first impression people have to your home. As such, not only do you want it to look pleasing to the eye, it needs to be functional.

Items to consider when renovating your front yard can include the below.

House Number

A house number needs to be clearly visible from the road, to allow for ease of address location. Also, the house number needs to be weatherproof to withstand any weather conditions.

Numbers made out of brass, acrylic, zinc, steel or wrought iron are all terrific solutions.

House Number


Like a house number, the letterbox needs to be clearly visible and easy to access for both yourself and the post person.

Again, be sure to select a letterbox that will be waterproof and suitable for all-weather conditions.

Consider a lock on your letterbox and be sure to place a “No Junk Mail” sticker on the façade of the letterbox if you don’t want to receive any advertising material.


Path Access

Be sure to have adequate paving leading to your front door. Think about the flow of the path. Will the path be straight or will it meander?

Whatever the choice, be sure to select a suitable path material. Bricks, pavers, concrete and natural stone are all very good options.

Garden Path

Car Access

Be mindful as to how you, and any visitors, will access your property via a car.

Will your driveway be open with no gate?

Will you require a security fence that is remotely operated?

Furthermore, what will your driveway be made from? Concrete, crazy paving, bricks are just a few suggestions.

Ultimately, your selected driveway will depend on the length, width, gradient and your budget.

Car Driveway


When selecting a doorbell, will you require something battery operated or will a door knocker be adequate?

Think about your main living areas in the home and their relation to the front door.

If your living areas are at the back of the house, a battery operated doorbell will be advised.

Furthermore, consider the positioning of your doorbell or door knocker. It needs to be in a convenient, easily reached location that is not obstructed by anything such as plant creepers etc.

Lion Door Knocker


What security will be adequate for your home? Consider items such as intercoms, senor lights, security screen front doors, door locks and bolts.

Door Intercoms