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Perfecting the French Provincial and Hamptons Styles

November 22, 2016
Perfecting the French Provincial and Hamptons Styles

What could be more wonderful or luxurious than a timeless piece of beautifully designed and crafted furniture?

Well, you could say a room full of beautiful furniture pieces, or better still a whole house! However, sometimes having just that one magical piece can make all the difference to your interior. Transforming a space can be as simple as introducing a new statement piece of furniture to become that 'talking point’ piece and bring a new lease of life to a home.

If there’s one style of furniture that can work magic like this it’s the classic-contemporary elegance of the French Provincial or Hamptons inspired styles, both of which have become increasingly popular of late.

These ever-growing trends could owe their success to not only the fact that this type of furniture now stems further afield than the countryside side regions of France, or the coastal resort towns of Long Island, New York (from which they originate) – all the way to Australia, but also because the aesthetic and detailing of this style works so well within Australian homes and adapts beautifully to most interior settings.

Mastering the Art of the French Provincial and Hamptons style is relatively easy once you have a basic understanding of how to define these two gorgeous styles. Both have a classic-contemporary feel, however the main differences (while subtle) are outlined below.

French Provincial Hamptons Style Furniture 2

French Provincial Style

French Provincial décor is inspired by the countryside provinces of the 17th and 18th century. It's a perfect balance of the luxury and ornate craftsmanship found in lavish estates juxtaposed with the laid back style of the lovely quaint farmhouses and fragrant lavender fields of the French country side. Ahh just dreamy...

The characteristics of this style of furniture is somewhat rustic and practical but is blended with a refined elegance such as Baroque elements. Think light coloured or painted white timber and a soft muted colour palette with natural fabrics such as linen with deep button detailing and furniture with sculpted or curved edges.

Guide to French Provincial and Hamptons Style  2

Hamptons Style

The Hamptons Style has risen from the popular coastal area of Long Island, New York. A playground for the rich and famous, this style is timeless; encompassing a 'classy', 'beachy' vibe with a relaxed neutral palette that includes accents of cool blues and calm greens with oakwashed flooring and lime-washed timbers.

This style is classic and sophisticated but very much captures a relaxed laid-back vibe. It's all about allowing natural light to illuminate the space to create a fresh, bright and breezy interior.

Whilst the Hamptons style shows similarities to the French Provincial, Hampton's style is less ornate and delicate. It balances an 'old with new' to create an eclectic mix of furniture that can also include heavy solid oaks and wicker or cane furniture that reflects a more coastal vibe.

French Provincial Hamptons Style Furniture

The best thing about these two styles is that they can seamlessly blend together to bring a touch of glamour and luxury to your home while still maintaining a cool, casual feel. The neutral and pastel tones of these two styles make a space feel light and airy and both work beautifully in a bedroom setting as they add a soft feminine touch.

Check out the video below to discover how one French Provincial style item from our retailer Black Mango set the tone for a whole room.

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Image credits: | nebraskafunriture | Photographer Angelita Bonetti - Australian House & Garden