Framed Wallpaper Walls

September 19, 2014
Framed Wallpaper Walls

There's a room in the house that needs some love.

Your time poor and don't have a big budget to renovate.

The mere thought of painting the walls exhausts you.

Undercoat, cutting in, another coat, top can be a big job.

Well, what about wallpaper?

What about wallpaper as feature panels?

framed wallpaper7 metalic gold lounge room

Simply select your favourite print wallpaper and think about the composition on the wall you want.

Do you want one large rectangular feature, either portrait or landscape?

Or would you prefer several individual sections?

Is it for a bedroom? Why not position it as though it's a bedhead.

The options are only limited by your imagination.

framed wallpaper5 purple and gold

framed wallpaper10 grey bedroom

framed wallpaper2 yellow and grey

Once you've worked out your arrangement, apply the wallpaper to the wall as per the suppliers step-by-step instructions.

Once this is on the wall, take the measurements of the wallpaper sections and purchase your frame materials.

Picture frame, or dado moulding in lightweight fiberboard works perfectly.

You can choose a simplistic pattern or something more elaborate - this will depend upon the look and feel you're wanting to achieve.

Simply paint the frame as recommended by the supplier and fix it to the wall, framing the wallpaper feature.

framed wallpaper8 sky blue dining room

framed wallpaper4 teal dining room

If you love this look and are renting, never fear!

Simply purchase the desired size photo/art frames, cut your wallpaper to fit the frame size and mount your new artwork on the wall.

framed wallpaper9 grey office

This way, your lovely feature can be easily transported with you if ever you move and, you won't get into any trouble with the landlord!

We hope this inspires you to try this style trend and best of luck with your renovation.