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Host a footy finals party

September 17, 2014
Host a footy finals party

At last. We’ve been waiting a year and finally it’s the pointy end for the footy season. It’s been a memorable season and as excited as we are, there’s still that little tinge of regret that it won’t be long before Mad Monday comes around and we have that summer hiatus.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Let’s bask in the glory of the final season and make the most of every weekend of play. Forget about heading to the pub – it’s jam-packed and you’ll only be fighting for space to see the TV, not to mention waiting ages for a drink. No – this year the party’s at yours, and here’s how to get the very best not only out of your AFL finals season, but your outdoor space this spring and summer!

We look at five ways to make your mates jealous these footy finals and host a memorable party!

1. Sizzle things up

Walk down any given Aussie street on the day of the footy finals and you’ll notice something. There’s a smell in the air. EVERYONE’s got the barbie on. Well, there are barbies and there are barbies, and there’s no better way to make your mates green with envy than to gear up for the finals with the best barbie in town. Take a look at the Broil King Imperial range. Models including multiple burners, rotisserie kits, stainless steel cooking grids, dual hoods, and all are a trolley for easing manoeuvring. You’ve just made the Jonses scamper out to go BBQ shopping.

Alt text

Looking to posh things up a bit over lunch? We’re a big fan of the Kamodo smoker range. Not only do they deliver on quality catering, but they look very schmicko, too!

Alt text

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2. Keep things quenched

Where there’s meat bbqing, there must also be beer… And wine and soft drinks to keep everyone happy. We’re a big fan of Bar Fridges Australia. What’s not to love – these guys started the business in regional Australia, they cater to pretty much any bar fridge imaginable (width, height, length, colour, finish). Sure – everyone has a barbie. But not everyone has a bar fridge to go with it! Check out what our friends at Bar Fridges Australia have to say enter video link here

3. Light the way

A good footy finals party doesn’t finish at the sound of the final siren. No way – you’ve got to go back to replays, you’ve got to dissect every umpie’s stuff-up and you’ve got to either gloat in your team’s win or talk about what they’ve got to do to pick up their performance. This will be going well into the night – you need to light your party up. The days of the old fairy lights are long gone – now there’s plenty of outdoor lighting options to add some atmosphere and keep things well lit outside. From deck lights to spot lights; from lanterns to outdoor wall lights, your biggest problem is going to be refining your options.

Make it easy and just find exactly what you need at House of Home

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4. Soaking

Did someone say outdoor tub? And did you just get 100% RSVP to your footy finals invite? No surprises there – this is the ultimate way to watch a footy final. Whether it’s a surprise warm day, or classic footy freezing, who cares; you guys are going to be soaking it up, literally. This is the ticket to instant outdoor cred. Not only is it perfect for the finals, it’ll fast become one of the household’s favourite past-times right through the year.

Alt text

5. Feed the masses

It’s all about making the food last the distance. After all – the footy finals are more endurance than they are sprint! Sure you can opt for steak and salad, but we’ll be making a bee-line for burgers come footy finals day. Get a whole bunch of mince (dice things up – pardon the pun – with maybe a chicken mince option as well as red meat), add some garlic and herbs and roll up your burger patties. Fry up the onions and a few kilos of chopped mushies, grate plenty of cheese and whip up a simple coleslaw and maybe something really easy like a spinach, beetroot and fetta salad. Throw a whole bunch of fresh bread rolls in a basket, make sure the sauce bottles are full, and let the masses form a queue and just fill their burger with what they want.

burger and coleslaw

You don’t even need cutlery plates – just serviettes. Nothing like a low-maintenance clean-up. Everyone’s a winner. May your team make it through and may your footy finals party be the envy of the block!

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