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Footy not your thing?

September 27, 2016
Footy not your thing?

This weekend the country is officially obsessed with two games of football - AFL & NRL. In Melbourne town there is a lot of Red, White and Blue on show as everyone hopes for the Bulldogs to win their first premiership in years and years... and of course, go the Storm. But what if football is not your thing?

Here’s our home & interiors guide to all the great alternative things that you can do this weekend other than actually watch either game of football.

Prepare the ground

Be prepared - in the lead up to any big game, there is inevitably commentary around the ground, the surface, the pitch – all they are really talking about is the grass. In our world, the only greenery that matters right now is indoor plants. And spring is the perfect time to exercise your green thumb. Have fun choosing new pots & planters, and if you need some inspiration or guidance on what plants to choose, read our Guide to the Best Indoor Plants.

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Choose the best seat in the House

For people who are into footy, this weekend is so important – maybe their team is playing, maybe their team missed out, maybe it’s the first time they’ve got a seat at the game, or they’ve finally scored a spot in a corporate box, or maybe they will only ever watch the game at home on TV, on their own. Whatever!

Our advice – guarantee yourself the best seat in the house every day, every time, with a gorgeous new chair. Whilst everyone else is eating pies and watching the footy, head out to the shops. You’ll definitely find a car park more easily, and maybe even a bargain. And with summer just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to grab the opportunity to treat yourself to a great new outdoor chair. Need some inspiration? Check out our article on the Best Outdoor Chairs.

Choose your own Colours

Generally speaking, football team colours are hard to work with. Gold & Brown; Purple, Green & Red; Orange Black & White; Purple & Yellow; even Red, White & Blue – these are not colour combinations that can be easily worked into any pleasing interior.

A great use of Grand Final afternoon would be to head to the paint shop and come up with your own new colour palette. There is nothing like a new coat of paint to freshen up a home. And Grand Final weekend is the perfect weekend to get organized for your painting project – after that’s over, there is a rush to get that backlog of DIY projects that has been building up all season cleared.

Throws not Scarves

As you are out and about this week, no doubt you are going to encounter lots of people sporting their team’s colours. Even if you love chunky knits, don’t be tempted. Instead, we recommend picking up a beautiful throw – wool is always great, or maybe you’d prefer a lightweight cotton one for spring; something bright or more neutral – the choice is yours!

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Discover your own Club song

Every footy team has their own theme song – you’ll hear them played over and over for every reason, from motivation to celebration and commiseration. Our current favourite is the GWS Giant’s theme song with its rollicking, feel good oompah vibe.

Not quite your thing? No worries! Order one of our Sonos WiFi Speakers and then use the free app to search all the internet radio stations, Spotify, Pandora, and even your own iTunes library to find your own perfect Club anthem. And you’ll be dancing to great-sounding tunes long after Grand Final weekend.

P.S. The author of the article did attend the AFL Grand Final 2015 ever hopeful of a West Coast Victory. This year she’s pretending the finals aren’t on and fertilising her indoor plants, although she is secretly hoping for a Bulldogs win.

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