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Fire Pits - The Hottest Trend in Outdoor Living

July 16, 2018
Fire Pits - The Hottest Trend in Outdoor Living

Hallelujah, the season for pool parties, BBQ’s, and alfresco dining is (almost) upon us!

The team at House of Home are getting involved and have already started organising our outdoor evening soirees. We are very much looking forward to spending a lot more time amongst the great outdoors. However, while the (almost) spring time sun is blessing us with warmer weather during the day, unfortunately it isn’t always enough to throw on a jacket once the temperature drops in the evening.

Fire Pit Ideas- House of Home

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4 Reasons to Invest in a Fire Pit

  1. Fire is a fantastic, natural element that is easy to add to any outdoor space. You can create warmth and beauty or just enjoy the ambiance of a gentle blaze with a custom fire feature such as a fire pit.

  2. Fire pits have come a long way in terms design and style. There are many striking profiles available to choose from that can create the perfect focal point for your patio, while keeping you feeling warm and fuzzy.

  3. Fire features are one of the fastest growing trends for Summer 2018. Due to a transition in the way we like to live and use our indoor and outdoor living spaces.

  4. They are perfect for homeowners are seeking to blur the lines between interior and exterior spaces by bringing the indoors outdoors. It's becoming increasingly popular for interior and exterior spaces to ‘borrow’ from each other. This helps to create a living environment that feels larger overall. Introducing a fire pit will help to make your outdoor space welcoming, practical and cosy.

Fire Pit Trends House of Home  1

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If you love to be outside in the great open air as much as we do, take a peek at our awesome collection of fire pits below. They’re just perfect for consummate outdoor entertainers and the summer season ahead!

Which Fire Pit Should I Get?

Fire Pit Fuels - Gas vs. Wood

Outdoor fire pits can be run on many different fuels - depending on your budget, desired feel and the fire pit's design. Wood burning firepits give you that toasty camp-fire feel, and work really well with simpler designs (plus they can be a lot cheaper!). Gas or gel fireplaces give you more convenience - as they can be turned on at the flick of a button, and they offer a safer option for those with animals or small kids.

Fire Pit Inspiration

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The epitome of camp-fire warmth, rustic fire pits will help you to imitate the great outdoors in your backyard. Think rusted steel, copper tones and vintage looks.


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If your home is a sleek architecturally designed space, you'll want your back yard to match. There are lots of sleek and silver fire pits to seamlessly integrate your outdoor and indoor design.

Fire Pit Ideas

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If you're willing to make the investment, a sculptural fire pit will be a statement in itself in your garden. Part work of art, part practical heater, statement fire pits are a great way to integrate a two-in-one design feature.

Fire Pit Ideas

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We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure to check out our Outdoor Heating range.

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This article was originally written by Sarah Radanauth in November 2017, and has been updated last by Elizabeth den Dulk in July 2018.