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Finding A Tradie

January 30, 2014
Finding A Tradie


Whether you are contemplating a full home renovation, a quick freshen up with a coat of paint or a build from new, your choice of builder, plumber, carpenter, electrician or painter will really impact the success of the project and how enjoyable it is.

But how do you find a great tradie? One who arrives on time, cleans up after themselves and provides an accurate quote?

Here are the best tips we've got for choosing a tradesperson, and then it’s all about managing the project to get the best out of them.

Personal Recommendations

The personal recommendation is one of the best ways to find a skilled and capable tradesperson. Ask around your friends if they have used a tradie who they would recommend.

Often what’s better though is to keep an ear out for friends and family who are having similar work done and look at the quality of the work and listen to their comments. Does the plumber/electrician/painter etc sticking to the timelines as promised? Is the quality of the work as expected? Is it the quality of work you’d be happy with?

It maybe best to wait until the job is complete before asking for their honest opinion.

Trade Associations

Reputable businesses are generally members of their relevant trade association, so a good place to start looking for a skilled and qualified tradesperson.

Sometimes trade associations will have a requirement for members to have adequate insurance, which for lots of homeowners is another great reason to source tradespeople through their directories.

Directories and Review Sites

Of course doing your own research is also a great way to find the relevant tradesperson with the right set of skills for your job. There are a lot of service based directories online which will advise contact details for a builder, handyman, plumber, tiler etc close to you.

Alternatively try a review site like

WOMO brings together the convenience of an online directory with the insight of personal experience.

WOMO is a user-generated directory where people share the experiences they have with businesses - both good and bad.

Every day, WOMO helps thousands of people find awesome businesses (and avoid dodgy operators).

As well as helping consumers get better service, WOMO also helps good businesses stand out from the crowd and be recognised for providing great service.

WOMO is different because, unlike traditional directories that just let you find businesses, WOMO helps you understand if they are any good.

WOMO is absolutely the best way to find the best local businesses, using real information from real people.

And for businesses, WOMO provides a place where they can be promoted on merit (not on how much they spend) and good businesses can acquire quality-oriented customers, without spending a fortune.

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