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Find Your Inner Master Chef

July 22, 2014
Find Your Inner Master Chef

Written by guest blogger Minot Pettinato

While some think releasing your inner master chef is all about chopping onions in record timing or carving a vegetable to look like a flower, throwing a successful dinner is as much about the mood and atmosphere as it is about the chicken and radish roses.

Set the mood

Classical, hip-hop, country music – whatever your flavor for your dinner, you can set the tone of the evening with interest by playing music through an antique record player or[retro jukebox. These pieces will make a unique, unforgettable night for your guests (that, and your super-secret chicken recipe) and are investment homeware items that you can keep forever.

Make statements

Don’t be afraid to make statements with both your cooking, and your cutlery. An easy way to set the mood of your dinner-party is with funky, out-of-the-box statement pieces hidden throughout your atmosphere. Use a pop or color that compliments your dinner, like the French-style Maison Bleue 'Laguiole 24-piece cutlery set with a scattering of colors that'll add a fun breath of 60s-Mod life into your evening. Other statement pieces could include chalkboard frames with your menu written out on it, or a new sculpture.

laguiole 24 piece cutlery set

Use themes

Having a themed party is a great way to get your guests excited about your dinner, as it creates something they can relate to. Titanic guests in first class, costume-party, old Hollywood glam, 80s night – all are perfectly acceptable themes with great foodie options on the side. Have a 70s party with fondue, or a tea party with bite-sized sandwiches and fancy china.

Put on a show

Guests love to watch you cook, so don’t be afraid to show off a little. To prep your guest’s palette while you’re preparing for dinner, offer a variety of fruits, juices, and liquor while they wait. Let your guests watch you chop, sauté and stir while putting on your own cooking show. Explain to them what ingredients you'll be serving them at the beautifully set dining table and run them through your mouth-watering creation from start to finish.

dining table setting

table setting

Spice up your dinner party by paying attention to the mood, music, cutlery and cooking that your shindig demands.