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Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

August 31, 2016
Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

Ficus Lyrata, or the Fiddle Leaf Fig, has been a very popular plant over the past couple of years, gracing the rooms of many beautifully styled interiors. If you are considering buying one, or are already the owner of a beautiful fiddle leaf fig plant, and want to know how best to care for these beautiful plants, read on.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree can be a little temperamental, so read on to learn the tricks to keeping this plant at its glossy leaf best.

Watering your Fiddle Leaf Fig

As with so many plants, getting the watering right is such an important part of fiddle leaf fig care.

The key thing is to water your fiddle leaf fig sparsely. Don’t overwater it! So what does sparsely mean? Before you water your plant dig down into the soil with your fingers. When the top inch is dry then it's time to water your Fiddle Leaf. When you are watering, make sure you water across the whole of the pot, so that pockets of air don’t form in the soil.

Make sure that all the water drains out of the pot, and that your fiddle leaf doesn’t sit in water.

Best Position for your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

It's worthwhile taking the time to find the perfect spot in your home for your Fiddle Leaf to make sure it thrives. They don’t like drafts – so keep them out of the way of the hot, dry air from the heater, and they also don’t like cold drafts, so try and avoid placing them in corridors.

Find a spot in your house with bright but not direct light.

And remember to dust the leaves of your Fiddle Leaf regularly – use a soft damp cloth, and luke warm water to keep them looking glossy and gorgeous.

How big will my Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow?

Fiddle Leaf figs will last for many years, and grow to be quite large plants, but don’t be tempted to put them into too large a pot size! They grow best when they are in pots that look almost too small for the plant. Only repot them when it becomes really necessary – either there are a lot of roots growing out through the drainage hole, or a network of fine roots appearing on the surface. Ficus Lyrata will be happiest if they are repotted in spring, and are only moved up one pot size at a time.

Remember - Fiddle Leaf Figs take their time growing, so it will take a very long time for them to reach even a lofty two metres as an indoor plant.

Help! My Fiddle Leaf Fig has brown leaves..

Keep in mind that your Fiddle Leaf Fig is temperamental and slow growing – these are both really important points to note when thinking about why it may have brown leaves & how to deal with them.

Leaves turning brown on Fiddle Leaf Figs are often a result of extreme temperatures – being left outside overnight when it’s frosty, a constant cold draft inside, direct sunlight or being near a heater.

If your Fiddle Leaf develops brown spots on its leaves or starts dropping leaves, don’t panic and definitely don’t start trimming them off.

The best source of action:

  • Don’t pull off any leaves – you can trim away brown outer edges without harming the plant, but don’t pull the leaves off, just let the plant do its thing.
  • Don’t prune a bare branch unless they are mouldy. In Spring, new leaves should sprout.
  • Remember – this is a slow growing plant and it goes dormant in winter, so you’ll need to be patient.

Ficus Lyrata is not an easy care indoor plant but it is a gorgeous plant and well worth the extra effort.

Thanks very much to Ruth from Fowlers Flowers , Clifton Hill, for sharing her practical tips on keeping you Fiddle Leaf Fig plant looking healthy.

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Thanks so much to the lovely folk at Frankie & Coco in Hampton, Established for Design in Malvern East and Zachloe Lifestyle in South Melbourne for so kindly loaning us some of their beautiful planters for use in this shoot.

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