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January 30, 2014

When it comes to selecting a fence for your home, there are endless options available.

However, there are some simple tips to follow that will assist your selection and provide a great fencing solution.

What Is Your Fence To Be Used For?

Is your fence a side or back boundary fence, a pool fence or perhaps a balcony fence?

If the fence is for a pool then you must be aware of the Australian Standard code on safety barriers for swimming pools and follow this.

Your local council is a great resource and will be able to assist you with these codes and regulations.

If your fence is to be installed as a side or back boundary fence, then general rule of thumb is to first consult with council as to any limitations that may be in place.

At the very minimum, there is usually a height restriction. Furthermore, discussion with your adjoining neighbour that shares the boundary is advised.

Consider Views

When planning your fence, keep in mind how you intend to use the area around it.

For example, when the fence is erected, do you want it to still be able to capture the view beyond the boundary or would you prefer it to be used as a privacy screen from the neighbours.

What you ultimately choose will impact upon the fence material you select.

Fence Materials

Timber picket, brick, tubular aluminium, steel panel, frameless glass, wrought iron or perhaps aluminium slat or perhaps a combination of two materials?

The choices of fence materials are really endless.

Obviously keep in mind that the material you ultimately select needs to be suitable for all weather conditions.

Lastly, be aware of any manufactures fitting that need to be installed with the fence.

Fence Maintenance

Be aware that there are high maintenance and low maintenance fencing solutions on the market.

However, keep in mind that all fencing options require, to a point, maintenance.

Make sure that whatever material you ultimately select; you are familiar with how to clean and care for it.


Your fence budget will depend on the material you select and whether or not you will install the fence yourself.

Be sure to do your research thoroughly as this will help eliminate any unforseen costs.

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