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Maker Profile: Felix Furniture 

March 23, 2018
Maker Profile:  Felix Furniture

Over the past four years, Antonia & Ian from Felix Furniture has been quietly establishing their own distinctive furniture style and reputation.

These two are partners in business (and in life) and have been working together restoring, repurposing and now designing and crafting their own furniture.

But let’s start at the beginning. Lots of people talk about doing what they love, and following their passion, Antonia and Ian are two people who are doing just that.

From a childhood interest in working with her father as he crafted pieces for their home, Antonia learnt the importance of creating something that was beautiful and functional.

Ian came to Australia from Scotland. A trained cabinet maker, Ian loves to design pieces that solve the practical challenges of daily life.

Initially, they repurposed and restored old furniture pieces, but then the plan to design and make their own pieces came together and in 2014, Felix Furniture was launched.


The pieces they make are distinctive – there’s a mid-century feel, but with their own definite approach. It’s this mix of design influences – modernism, Scandinavian designers, and use of different materials like hoop plywood, cork, metal, solid timbers and Australian timber veneers that combine to create the Felix Furniture look.

It’s a design look that is definitely being well received. Felix is being stocked by several very well respected stores, Life Interiors with showrooms in both Sydney and Melbourne is one. And it’s not hard to see why they have chosen to stock the range – Felix Furniture is on trend, well made and easy to live with. They are pieces I’d happily have in my home.

But Felix Furniture reflects more than just Antonia and Ian’s love of creating furniture. Although they don’t make a big deal of it, there’s a strong thread of concern about sustainability that runs through their craft. It comes out in the materials they choose and source – FSC and AFS certified Hoop Pine, and now cork, as well as their connection to the community.

Running through their Instagram feed, it's clear that Antonia & Ian are part of a community of local creatives – supporting each other, sharing ideas and collaborating on projects.


One of their recent collaborations is with Barnaby Lane. The Cubbitt Table is a great example of how good a collaboration can be. Barnaby Lane meets Felix Furniture, and the result is a ontrend, well designed piece that evokes the best of both aesthetics, but is it’s own fresh twist.

Lucky for us there are more collabs coming.


So where’s the business heading? Antonia and Ian are balancing designing and producing new collections with a growing custom made business. The two often inform each other – one of their recent custom jobs was the morphing of one of their collection pieces, the Kork buffet into a hutch especially for a client order.

The latest collection pieces feature cork, sustainably sourced from Portugal. We are loving the patterned finish that the cork fronts add to the hoop pine cabinets.

But they are also doing a lot of 100% bespoke work out of their workshop – built in cabinetry, shelving and cabinet work for clients who like their style.

Ian and Antonia are passionate about learning and growing their business, with new ideas, new materials and new collaborations. We can’t wait to see what the new collection brings.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you’d like to take a look at all the custom makers and the projects they are creating then be sure to check out our custom makers section.

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