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Get Cracking on a Fabulous Feature Wall

August 19, 2014
Get Cracking on a Fabulous Feature Wall

Written by guest blogger Minot Pettinato

Sometimes all it takes to transform a dull, boring room into a work of art is a feature wall; a focal piece taking up a main wall in your space made to draw the eye and create interest and drama. Creating this space is as easy as using the right furniture, artwork, accessories, and know-how. Keep reading this article to learn the easy ways you can make your wall a feature in your home.


Using furniture is one of the easiest ways to make a feature wall. Use unique designs to exaggerate your space and create a room that tells a story. Bookshelves Versa Furniture's Marlin Wall Unit or the large Contempo ParkZalf Office Storage Library are the easiest way to accomplish this, as they take up a large amount of space, yet still offer you the chance to customize your space. Other ways to do this is with oversized headboards. Using tall headboards will make the room feel grander than it really is.


Wall mounts aren't just for your rustic cottage. In fact, wall mounts can make for great conversation pieces that may complete your feature wall. Choosing standout pieces such as the Far Pavilions Modern Bull Horns can actually allow room for a feature wall with little work. Paint your feature wall a different color than the rest of the room and simply place your hanging accessory in the center of the wall. This gives off a bold yet chic look. If you're not into horns, you can try an elegant yet interesting hanging clock at your focal piece, such as the Wicked Yak Metal Propeller Clock.


Artwork can be just the thing to make a feature wall a success. Create an at-home art gallery by choosing framed pieces, (such as the Polanco Lifestyle OL922 Oil Painting) and arranging them in different patterns. Consider making a pattern of your first or last initial, or do a chic and modern straight cut across the wall with three or four smaller paintings. You may choose your pictures to be those of family friends, but definitely consider abstract artwork when making your feature wall. Pieces like an abstract oil painting by Far Pavilions or United Artworks creations will add definition, color and contrast to your walls.

If you're not into art, take advantage of using beautiful tapestries in your decorating, such as the Patchy Throw by The Assembly Hall.


Using patterned or shimmery wallpaper can be just the thing to add interest to your wall. Choose wallpaper that accents the wall colors, or you could go the opposite direction and choose a color pop with your accent wall. Regardless of your color choice, as with the artwork you want to make sure you wallpaper has a busy or intricate design that keeps the eyes moving and the room feeling trendy and fresh.

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