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Fabio Biavaschi, A Look into the Life of a Young Designer

July 21, 2014
Fabio Biavaschi, A Look into the Life of a Young Designer

Written by guest blogger Fabio Biavaschi

Fabio Biavaschi was born in 1982 in Cantù, Italy, a famous town known for its artisans and wood workmanship. He completed his studies in 2008 at Politecnico di Milano, graduating in Industrial Design. Fabio was a young, resourceful designer-to-be, who had not yet graduated when he started working with ‘SuperMatite Genuine Design’ in 2007. This is a creative cooperative that organizes events that are associated with two of Fabio’s greatest passions: design and art.

Fabio Biavaschi

Fabio Biavaschi

Fabio began his professional career as a retail designer working for some well-known Italian brands who were exhibiting at international art & design fairs. Such brands included Salone del Mobile di Milano, Cersaie Bologna, Pitti Firenze, Maison et Object Paris, Biennale Interieur Kortrijk, IMM Colgne, ISH Frankfurt and many more across Italy and Europe.

2010 was certainly a year of great ferment for Fabio. He started working as a product designer for a well-renowned design consultancy in London called ‘Marc Krusin Studio’. When Fabio returned back home he decided to take on a new challenge: the opening of his own studio in the center of Como.

It was almost 2011 when Fabio created his first furniture collection, made entirely out of cardboard, for the brand GLOOOK. Fabio came up with the concept, designed the logo, drafted the collection appearance and started sketching the furniture designs, following his own inspiration.

GLOOOK became a success at once – a young, renowned brand.

In the same year, Fabio took part in a competition – the international A’DESIGN award. He designed two products intended for kids: the Spinning top ‘STRUMML Lamp’ and the ‘FABULOU’S Wall Bookcase’. They both won the A’DESIGN award. So did the ‘Outdoor Lagoon Bench’ that Fabio designed for ‘Fra Le Briccole Di Venezia” – a contest launched by the famous brand RIVA1920.

Since then, Fabio has started a set of collections by cooperating with some Italian artisans, designing both industrial and custom-made furniture. Interior, retail and graphic projects are also ongoing as they are parallel the work fields that Fabio is interested in.

2013 Chalford Collection NSW fabio biaveschi

In May 2013 Fabio moved to Australia. After a long trip around the continent, including living on a farm, he started to structure some artistic figures fusing different objects made of wood and rusted metal tractor parts. Fabio tries to express himself through art and live his life celebrating the new country he lives in. This experiment began ‘just for fun’ but has resulted in a collection of artistic pieces called “SUPERoldNATURAL/Chalford Collection”.

In November 2013 Fabio arrived in Melbourne, where he currently lives and works. His most recent project is a wooden armchair called MEK_ac01, which was first exhibited in April in Milan during "Salone del Mobile".

MEK_ac01 was officially launched in Australia at the Workshopped Exhibition in August 2013 in Sydney. The project was also selected by Vivid, and was exhibited at Furnitex 2014 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. Here, Fabio’s work won Best Commercial Product for 2014.

2014 Mek ac01 armchair2 fabio biaveschi

2014 MEK ac01 armchair1 fabio biaveschi

Fabio is now working on some new projects, including the whole Meccano Collection.

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