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Expert Tips On LED Lighting

February 18, 2015
Expert Tips On LED Lighting

Whether it is the minimalist look you like, the relaxed casualness of contemporary Aussie living or something more detailed such as the sumptuousness of the Hamptons style, the one constant is that well thought out lighting enhances every one of them.

No longer is lighting an after-thought or merely a practical necessity. Lighting your home is now part of the overall design and contributes to the complete desired decorating effect. Beam angles, shadow lines, task lighting - all these phrases, once buzz words only used by architects and designers are now effects the general public understands and want to achieve in their own home.

LED Lighting International Homes with beautiful lighting

Whether it is cost, for environmental issues or simply convenience LED lighting has emerged as the way forward no matter your chosen interior design style. Combine this with the demand for unobtrusive lighting that does not dictate any particular design style and the LED down light comes into its own.

Slick, easily installed, highly efficient, dimmable and suitable for interiors or exteriors, LED down lights provide practical lighting that can be as straight forward or as creative as you like. LED down lights are available in various colour temperatures and surround finishes including IP (waterproof) rated and rust proof options. Most LED down lights available now do not use traditional light globes. New technology allows light emitting diodes (LED) to provide highly energy efficient lighting built into a lighting unit that will last 40,000 – 50,000 hours. This amounts to twenty two years if the light is in use six hours per day! After that… well let’s face it, you’d probably be ready for a new light anyway!

Today the issue that most people have which they did not have to face in the era of the incandescent and then the halogen globe, is the one of colour temperature produced by the light. In the old days you bought a light and a globe that fitted and you had light. Nowadays there is this issue of colour temperature. LED down lights are available in a range of colour temperatures. Essentially this is the colour of the light the light fitting produces. Broadly it amounts to warm white (yellow) and cool white (blue/green white). Because there is no globe in a LED light fitting, when purchasing a down light with integral diodes the client must commit to a colour temperature at the point of purchase. Further, it is ideal that most of your lighting or at least all that is likely to be on at one time emit the same colour temperature. This means coordinating the range hood light, the lamps, the down lights, even the exteriors if they can be seen with the interior fittings, to the same colour temperature - warm or cool white.

LED down lights are an ideal lighting solution to all areas of the home. They are inexpensive to run, low maintenance, unobtrusive and environmentally friendly. They provide dimmable efficient lighting capable of providing task and ambient lighting in a variety of colour temperatures to suit all tastes. If it all seems a little more than you want to plan yourself, consult a lighting professional such as those from the team at Lighting International.

Thanks so much to Belinda Sadek from Lighting International for sharing her expert advice on LED Lighting.

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