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Expert Tile Advice

September 13, 2016
Expert Tile Advice

If you're about to undertake a bathroom build or renovation, Urban Edge Ceramics is a wealth of knowledge, expertise and exquisite taste on all things tiles.

We chatted to Justin and found out there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to Urban Edge Ceramic tiles.

The resistance indicator

There is an international grading system that indicates the level of a tile's slipperiness.

In Australia, we still don't have an actual legal ruling for private residences about what tiles can and cannot be used in which areas.

Despite this, there is a general industry regard as to what is appropriate.

Areas that are predominantly dry rooms (walls, living area, etc) tend to use tiles with an R9 rating, which provides some resistance to slip.

You can usually tell a tile is R9 by the way it feels - it is soft and smooth to touch.

An R9 is not ideal for bathrooms, commercial spaces and areas intended for children.

Instead, it's better to opt for an R10 grade, which provides increased resistance to slip.

Again, you will be able to feel this when you rub your hand across the tile's surface - you will feel a slight grip.

The R10 range for your bathroom

When it comes to finding the right tiles for your bathroom, your R10 options are fairly much laid out for you (pardon the pun).

Brands will release a range of tiles in R10, with each range available in a select number of sizes, colours and finishes.

In addition to fixed ranges, Urban Edge Ceramics is increasingly moving towards stunning hand-made tiles that can be designed and developed on order, with an R10 glaze applied.

Wet room tiles - what's best?

urban edge ceramics   wet room

Avoid natural stones, as they have a high porosity and therefore a high absorption.

Although great for dry rooms, these stones absorb moisture which encourages bacterial growth.

If you are in search of a tile with more hygienic properties, then opt for something that is glazed, which will prevents the tile from absorbing moisture.

Trending tiles

urban edge ceramics trending

There is such an incredible depth in current tile trends.

We loved Justin's tips: Patricia Urquiola, who combines post industrial influences with a contrasting delicateness; just beautiful.

The ceramic artwork of Quintessenza gives fresh form to tiles; there is infinite creativity behind these tiles, each an incredibly tactile expression.

Honestly - a journey through Urban Edge Ceramics and your bathroom will instantly become your new passion project.

Making our homes and hearts feel good

This shift towards hand-made tiles, a return to the art skills of our forebears, is increasingly in demand.

Not only do these tiles give our bathrooms a genuine bespoke edge, but they're keeping their footprint on the environment - and our social conscious - as light as possible.

Urban Edge Ceramics has agreements and policies in place with all the factories with which they deal.

These policies inform EPA outputs - issues such as heat and energy use, pollution outputs, paper volumes and treatment of staff.

Urban Edge Ceramics will not engage suppliers that are willing to compromise staff safety and wellbeing.

Instead, they embrace operators who respect quality of life for their staff and their environment.

Like-minded customers are gravitating to Urban Edge Ceramics not only for the stunning craftsmanship behind each and every tile, but in support of a business that acts with strong principles and ethics.

If your bathroom is in need of an update, tiling can be one of the easiest and fastest solutions to create a fresh facelift.

Tap into the knowledge of the Urban Edge Ceramics team; they not only distil a world of advice and knowledge for the rest of us, but the tiles themselves will win you over instantly.

A bathroom update with Urban Edge Ceramic tiles will be more than a refresh - it will deliver a totally new experience and sensation to your bathroom.

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