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Expert Advice on Fireplace Choice

September 14, 2016
Expert Advice on Fireplace Choice

Making the right choice about heating is always an important part of any build, renovation or upgrade, and this truly is one decision that will have a lasting impact, long after your project is complete. That’s why most people take the time to search out an expert who they can get advice on what’s going to be right for their home.

We spoke to Ron Bernecich from Jetmaster Heat & Glo about the types of questions that are most important to consider when you are looking for a new fireplace. “There are really two key things that people need to think about – are you looking for a fireplace for heat or just for looks, and how big is the space that you want to heat. Those two questions will help guide you to the range of fireplaces that you should be considering. “

Jetmaster Heat and Glo

The team at Jetmaster Heat & Glo has been recommending & installing fireplaces for 30 plus years from their Richmond showroom. And over that time they’ve built up a considerable bank of knowledge and insight around what products really work best for homeowners and builders alike.

Given that Victoria and Tasmania are our two coldest states, they’ve also built established a partnership network of dealers across those two states, so that just about everyone has a local expert close by to help them in choosing the right fireplace for their home. That local knowledge can be really helpful when it comes to making the right choice between wood or gas, balanced flue or slow combustion.

Given my appreciation of fireplaces doesn’t extend much beyond fire equals warmth, we asked Ron to fill us in on some of the recent developments in fireplaces.

Modern Fireplace Design

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“Over the past couple of years there have been some really big changes, across wood and gas fireplaces and how they work. All of our wood burning fireplaces are now covered by the Clean Air legislation, which means that there is an expectation that the models introduced onto the Australian market will burn much more efficiently. Our units from the Quadra-Fire and Heatilator ranges are already exceeding the 2019 standards, and the improvements are not only reducing air pollution but they are also increasing the amount of heat each of the units generates, which is a win for everyone”.

Gas fireplaces keep improving too. Heat & Glo led the way in balanced flue design to ensure premium air quality within the home, and all the combustion by-products & fumes were vented externally. These gas fireplaces have set the standard for providing warmth & comfort whilst conserving energy.

The latest level of innovation involves the evolution of the ignition system… Heat & Glo leads the way with ‘IntelliFire PLUS™ which further reduces gas consumption to lower operating costs. Instead of the old system where a pilot light burned continuously, the ignition flame only comes on when the unit is operating.

But the new feature that I really love is the iGloo App – load this app onto your smart phone & you can then remotely control your Heat & Glo gas fireplace from anywhere in the world. For someone like me who hates the cold, being able to light the fire and warm the house before I even get home sounds like pure genius. It’s also very sensible as you can use it to track your energy usage.

And have we mentioned the Mezzo? Like so many things in life, the Mezzo embraces widescreen, and brings you warmth in a landscape format. We did a review on the Mezzo last year if you’d like to know more.

So if you’re in the market for a new fireplace, or an upgrade is on your list and you happen to be in Melbourne, make sure you head down to Swan St Richmond to visit the Jetmaster Heat n Glo showroom – George the Cat is a definite attraction & the fact that they have over 60 fireplaces on display is another bonus! In fact on a winter’s day there is almost no better place to be.

Across the rest of Victoria and Tasmania, each of dealers in the partner network have units on display too, here’s a link to the full directory