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How To Have A Great Night's Sleep, with ErgoFlex

November 18, 2015

The right mattress for a good night's sleep?

The need to have good quality sleep is universal. As human beings we struggle to function at the most basic level when we are sleep deprived. Ask any new parent, they have the market cornered on poor sleep. Getting a deep, restorative night’s sleep every night is one of the core pillars of good health and some believe it's as important as a good diet and regular exercise. We sat down with Matthew White, Director of Ergoflex in Australia, who is championing this issue and is passionate about a good sleep.

“Without doubt the best thing about my job is the phone calls and emails I receive from customers who tell me they’ve just had their best night’s sleep in years thanks to our mattress,” says Matthew.

Working a fast paced career in Marketing, Mathew sure has had the experience of what a bad night’s sleep can do to your everyday performance. "Before launching Ergoflex in Australia, I was a marketing professional with over fifteen years’ experience in the UK and Australia. When my wife and I started a family, I found myself thinking more and more about work/life balance and the possibility of leaving the corporate world behind. I also developed a healthy interest in good quality sleep, which as a new parent I was struggling with, something many new parents can relate to!

Matthew has certainly overcome a few hurdles since diving head first into selling mattresses online. "Our strategic vision is simple; we wanted something that would be within the direct-to-consumer model. We offer only one style of memory foam mattress in six sizes and no other choices. It comes compressed and rolled in a box with door to door delivery across Australia. All supported by exceptional customer service. "

"When we first launched Ergoflex into the Australian market in 2010 people thought we were crazy. No one was selling mattresses online and no one was selling mattresses that are rolled and compressed in a box!" Laughs Matthew. "Fast forward 6 years and there have been a number of brands launch a similar model in Australia. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so I take it as a positive. As pioneers we are proud of our achievements: changing the retail proposition in this space in Australia forever." Matthew reflects.

It's easy to see why other brands are scrambling to achieve the same level of success of Ergoflex. Matthew describes how it's been a combination of elements that have contributed to their success. "Our strategy from day one has been three fold. Firstly it’s about the product itself. It’s manufactured to a high specification, with no comprise on materials used, research, product development, and offered to the market at an affordable and value for money price, this is shown by the fact we have customers in the UK coming up to their 10th year anniversary and in Australia 6 years, no other online mattress company really knows if their product will last – we do." Matthew says.

"Secondly our customer service speaks for itself. We have worked hard over the last five years to ensure every facet of our customer service offering is first rate. Sales are a product of no-pressure selling with trial periods and an opportunity to return provided. We make sure our delivery is fast. Half of Australia is able to order their mattress from our website and have it delivered the next day. We also offer same day delivery too. Testament to our service and product is that fact that many of our customers are referred to us by others. People enjoy dealing with us. Our repeat customer numbers are also high, Matthew describes passionately.

"Finally we always listen to customer reviews. As a result of executing this process for over 5 years now, we have the highest number of reviews on Product Review, WOMO and Feefo for a mattress company in Australia. We’re proud of our Feefo Gold Award for demonstrating our commitment to service."

It's hard not to get swept up by Matthew's enthusiasm for his product, he vehemently believe’s in his products and believe's his relationships with his customers both here in Australia, New Zealand and across South East Asia are an affirmation to his dedication to the Ergoflex brand. "Our target audience is so varied. Our mattresses are particularly popular with people who have issues with sleep but that is only a small section of our clientele. Really it includes anyone who values a deep and undisturbed night’s sleep which includes men, women and children of all ages. To give you a snap shot, last week our customers included an 88 year-old lady and a university student”, Matthew tells us.

Since ErgoFlex's launch there has begun a certain cult following, especially from some notable celebrities. "It’s true but our lips are sealed! Our mattress is used by Australian and British Olympic champions, Australian swimmers, English and Australian footballers, as well as athletes from a number of other sports, performing at the very highest levels of competition. We also have many famous actors and actresses as clients too. However, we prefer to keep our clients profiles private, it's all about building a trusting relationship with us." laughs Matthew.

That being said, Chris Froome, winner of 2015's Tour De France loves his ErgoFlex mattress and has been kind enough to talk about it in the wake of his latest Tour de France win.

“It’s excellent, and delivers everything I was expecting from such a hi-tech mattress. The ‘weightlessness’ feeling is the perfect antidote to leaden legs after a day's riding, and I’ve found that minor aches and pains are mostly relieved by the morning. The support to the lower back, which can be a problem area for me, is excellent, and I’m confident that the ErgoFlex mattress is assisting my recovery times and overall quality of sleep on a daily basis,” said Chris Froome

There's an obvious science to the development of ErgoFlex's mattress and an authenticity to Matthews pride in his product. Improving your rest and having restorative night sleep is a simple template for developing success in your life. Perhaps those dreams of winning the Tour De France aren't so far-fetched?

If you're struggling for a great night's sleep below are Matthew's 6 tip to assist with a restorative night's sleep.

Matthew's 6 Tips For A Perfect Sleep

1. Stick To A Sleep Routine

Matthew says that this is particularly important for getting great results. "Sleeping in an irregular way upsets your natural body clock, if you stick to a routine and good to bed around the same time each night, then you'll be able to fall asleep easily each night."

2. Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol at night

"Alcohol and Caffeine increase your heart rate, so it disrupts your sleep cycle, raising the chance of you waking up in the middle of the night. This also happens as you become dehydrated after drinking caffeine and alcohol, your body will wake you up at night to replenish the water store in your body." Matthews says.

3. Exercise Daily

Increasing you activity levels during the day will increase your body’s need for sleep. "Try to avoid exercising right before bed, as this can keep you awake until your body decides it's tired. You can increase your energy output by walking to work instead of taking the bus, or even regularly using the stairs at home or work" Mathew says.

4. Update Your Diet

The food you eat is just as important for a good night’s sleep as exercise. Matthew suggests, "Eating things like cherries, dairy, cereals, most herbal teas, bananas almonds, and many others foods have been proven to have beneficial to sleep."

5. Relax Before Bed

Matthew suggests avoid watching television, playing on your phone or device right before sleep. "The best thing to do is find a relaxing way to wind down in bed before sleep, without creating too much stimulation for your mind. I suggest reading or listening to your favourite music softly." Matthew informs us.

6. Improve Your Mattress

Perhaps one of the biggest influences on a great night's sleep is finding a great mattress. "Having a good mattress is key to beneficial sleep. ErgoFlex visco elastic memory foam mattress offers pressure-relieving performance and are designed to give you a great night’s sleep. Since launching Ergoflex in Australia and experiencing our mattress and pillows first hand, they definitely reinforce how much you can benefit from a great night’s sleep." Matthew says.

House of Home would like to thank Matthew from ErgoFlex the benefits of a great night's sleep.