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Love Shack Episode Two

May 30, 2016
Love Shack Episode Two

Up front I just need to say that watching the Love Shack should come with a warning, it’s so beautiful that you may just make you want to move to Tasmania. The location where the Love Shack is being built is stunning. High on a hill overlooking a beautiful inlet, it looks pristine and so inviting.

The property is going to be really special too. The design transforms an existing beach shack into something really special, maximising the northern light and the view to create beautiful spaces for living.

Our favourite bit of Episode Two though was Archie’s very cute TV debut! Bec was talking about House of Home, and how helpful she’s found it for finding and sourcing beautiful products. Archie definitely agreed!

We are so excited with the beautiful things she’s chosen from the site already, and at this point it’s just been about inspiration and creating mood boards. If like us those warm, woolly, luxe pieces are tempting at this chilly time of year, here’s where they are from:

Plus if you’d like a sneak peak at all the beautiful collection of products that is being assembled for decorating the Love Shack, jump onto the Love Shack shop.

Bec’s vision for the Love Shack interiors is really strong – I am really excited about seeing how it comes together over the next few weeks. We got a taster of what the bathrooms will be like – the penny round tiles are a great product and between Bec and Sam it sounds like they’ve got a vision to make them really stand out.

The Love Shack is a show that takes you into the nuts and bolts of a reno. This episode shows the ups and downs and compromises required – particularly when the block isn’t a perfectly flat clear rectangle. There’s issues with access for machinery, material deliveries, and the challenges that come with wanting to keep any part of the existing garden on a building site.

Plus you get an insight into the client architect relationship. Bec and George, have always had such strong input into their projects at all stages, that they find it hard to resist changing things on the fly. But when you are already managing a budget that is well and truly exceeded its upper limit and contingencies, all of those can changes add cost and complication to the build.

The biggest challenge for the moment seems to be with the builder and making that Deck party deadline….

Episode Two of the Love Shack was shown on WIN TV Tasmania on May 29th. It is replayed nationally on WIN at 5pm 24th June.

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