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Episode Three - Archie's Nursery

June 06, 2016
Episode Three - Archie's Nursery

So this week in between the chaos of a building site we got to see our first real indication of what the interiors of the Love Shack are going to be like. And if Archie’s room is indicative of what’s coming, it's going to be amazing.

Bec chose a plush dark grey carpet, and painted the walls a dark charcoal. The nursery is flooded with natural light with one of the new windows that Sam the architect planned so it doesn't feel dark.


The windows are angled out from the body of the house to maximize light and warmth into the space. The other upside of the window design is that they create a beautiful sitting space within the room, and who doesn’t love a bay window? Bec’s pegged it as the perfect spot to sit and have a cup of tea.

Bec has made the space really special with her choice of furniture and accessories. The centerpiece is the incredible rose gold cot, which just sparkles like a jewel in this dark space.

WK3 HOH 11

Everything around it is this incredible layering of textures, colours and tones.

We love the softness that all of the cushions bring to what could otherwise be a grown up space. There are so many little nooks for Bec and Archie to cuddle up and read a book or play a game. Bec put lots of cushions into the nursery space, and chose a really wide range of textures – linens, velvets, knitted and even fur.


The little reading corner is defined by the leather strapped shelves to create a practical spot for storing books and toys, but it also brings colour and interest to the walls, in what otherwise could have been a dark space.

One of our favourite things though has to be the canopy in the corner – draped in the warm glow of the fairy lights, this is just a gorgeous cubby space, for grown ups & kids alike.


Anchoring the whole room is a fabulous deep pile crème coloured rug – it’s another important piece is creating that layered, soft textured feeling.

With finishing touches like the whimsical prints, and the beautiful Mongolian sheepskin on the chair, this is a really beautiful room for both Bec and Archie to share and enjoy special moments together.

We really loved the gorgeous hand painted mountain mural that Bec created. If you would like to create your own mountains at home we've created a step by step instruction guide.