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Episode Five - Bathroom & Guest Bedroom

June 20, 2016
Episode Five - Bathroom & Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom at the Love Shack is such an inviting space. Comfortable, relaxed and welcoming, the room looks like the perfect spot for sleeping in or catching up on a good read.

Bec has used a green based paint to create this really restful space. The walls are the strongest colour in the room. If you like it, Dulux Green Licorice is the name of the colour Bec chose.

A padded bedhead makes the bed super inviting, they are just so ideal for adding comfort to a bedroom.

But the way Bec has layered the cushions and the bed linen though are the real keys to the success of the space.

SpareRoom Loveshack SGroup Web002 cropped

Everything on the bed is adding a subtle layer of texture and colour so that the overall result just works. The base layer is the softest of green linen sheet sets.

Then the next layer is the vintage blue wash of the feather filled cushions at the back. And then it gets interesting and unexpected in a good way – whoever thought that a cream cowhide cushion and a palm leaf print cushion would look so good together? But they do. And the navy blue velvet cushion at the front just finishes it.

LS SpareRoom Bathroom4 mixed

The artwork choices make the room seem really fresh, and help to contrast and lighten up what could be a very dark colour on the walls. The pair of black and white prints on the wall are fun and have some great movement in them. My personal favourite though is the Monstera print beside the bed – simple and graphical.

With some brass, marble and leather accents on the bedside tables, this is a really perfect guest bedroom.

LS Bathroom

As everyone knows, a bathroom can make or break a holiday house. And this bathroom on its own is just about reason enough to visit the Love Shack.

The tiling is just incredible. As is all of the warm timber against the matte white of the penny round tiles. Bec has finished the space with some lovely accents - a timber towel ladder, a rattan footstool, and macramé planter. All of them add to the restful space of this bathroom.

Just gorgeous. We can’t wait to see the rest of the house next week!