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The Element 1200 Fireplace by Real Flame

May 04, 2017
The Element 1200 Fireplace by Real Flame

While Australia may carry a reputation for having endless summers, filled with outdoor entertaining and barbecues, the harsh reality is that it actually gets pretty darn cold down under. Freezing in fact.

It’s not unusual for most of the states across our country to get down to below zero some nights during the Winter months. However, for some reason, we Aussies often struggle through these cold spells by rugging up and grinning and bearing it. It doesn't have to be this way!

A home should be warm, toasty and comfortable, especially when you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning. The key to achieving this is by heating up your home efficiently.

Cost Effective Home Heating

A common misconception is that heating costs a lot of money to run. In some instances it can, especially if the fireplace is old, however with today's modern, innovative technology there are fireplaces that can actually save you money. When it comes to choosing home heating, it’s important to find a balance between keeping cosy and not breaking the bank with expensive gas or bills.

Introducing the Element 1200 by Real Flame

The best way to save money on heating is to invest in a fireplace that has a 5 star energy efficient rating. The newly launched ‘Element 1200 by Real Flame is one of the most efficient fireplaces on the market.

Researched, conceived, designed, developed and 100% made in Australia, the Element 1200 is the only one of its kind in the country. After four years in development, Real Flame recently launched this fireplace at the HIA Home Show’s across Australia. The response they received from impressed and amazed homemakers was staggering.

Advantages of the Element 1200

New Power Balanced Flue Technology

Offering the latest in power balanced flue technology, the Element 1200 is the only double glazed fireplace on the market that can offer a 13.5 metre flue run with 4 bends. It provides total flexibility during installation which makes it the perfect fireplace solution for a high rise apartment or a two-2 story house that requires both horizontal and vertical fluing that can’t back onto an outside wall.

Along with its unique and innovative technology, one of the main reasons that this fireplace is so efficient is because it can project heat by to up to 110m2 which a sizeable area to be able to cover.

5 Star Energy Efficient Rating

Although an abundant resource, it seems natural gas has become a precious commodity due to high export demand. With gas prices in Australia set to sky rocket this year, the only way to avoid rising gas bills will be to introduce energy efficient products to the home.

Generally energy efficient fireplaces have a reputation for having a low flame pattern and much less powerful looking flame. Although the Element 1200 has a top level of efficiency, it doesn’t compromise on ambience. Real flame’s endless pursuit of developing a robust flame has come to fruition in the design of the Element 1200 burner which offers a stunning and generous flame pattern.

Ease of Installation

Another fantastic feature of Element 1200 is that it can be installed at the last minute which is great for new build homes. The Builders Trim design allows the fireplace to be easily installed just by adding the trim at the end of a new build or renovation.

Style & Aesthetics

The Element 1200 comes in three beautiful designs that are available in both black or stainless steel finishes; There is an 18mm Profile Trim which offers a clean, frameless look, a 50mm Trim which creates a gorgeous picture frame look and the Builders Trim Profile. Each lend themselves beautifully to any style of interior.

Why choose Real Flame?

Now in their 32nd year, Real Flame strives for excellence in fireplace design. With showrooms in every major city, their head office, an R&D department, training centre, manufacturing and warehousing are based in Melbourne.

As part of their vision to lead the market in high efficiency gas fire technology Real Flame will be releasing another ground breaking product this year, bringing the range of star rated fires to eight models.

Discover the Element 1200 and other styles of Real Flame Fireplaces.

Fireplace Real Flame Element 1200

Element 1200 Fireplace by Real Flame

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